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few quick questions

sory to ask more questons but i am just confused abut a few things as ormal.

does anyone else get a sore throat during an asthma attack , well with excercise induced before it is about to come on?

Does anyone else get severe chest tightness/pain during an attack which makes them really umcomfy and makes it ifficult to calm down?

finally, can everyone give me some tips of how to deal with attacks? i know what i am meant to do but it doens't always work so i was wodering if anyone else had any good tips?

cheers everyone


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have never noticed any throat pain as such..but have noticed that I now seem to get a heavy or tight feeling in my chest during an asthma thing you can do is to try and stay calm during and attack..get someone to help you..take your inhalers as advised by asthma nurse or doc..and if nothing seems to help seek medical attention asap


i find it hard to define when i need to get more help. luckily one of my flatmates is normally about in the flat and there are lots of people at work and managers/first-aiders prefer to sit with me and i'm guessing they would know when to call for help if i'm not getting better. its still difficult though.


1) Yes - right at the back of the throat - degree of soreness tends to correlate with lung function for me

2) Yes, at the bottom of the ribs, and more so afterwards.

3) Everyone has different ways of dealing with attacks, so it's a matter of finding what works for you - rather than what you think you ""should"" be doing, and working with that.

Hope this helps a little...



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