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Sorry to do this I have quite a few questions which I am curious about...

Just wondering if anyone else is on intraconazole or other antifungals for asthma and ABPA?

Are you allergic to more than one mould/fungi?

Are you being precribed intraconazole or other antifungal for the short term or long term?

Also other than prednisolone have you been given any other treatments, other than normal asthma medications.

Have you been able to get asthma better controlled?


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Hi Malawi2

I had a 3 month trial of Intraconazole a few months back as my RAST for Aspergillus came back high as well on my skin prick test I had a reaction to it, if it was felt I benefit from it I would have stayed on it long term. It was felt I didn't get much benefit from it but that may be due it being a relatively short trial, my consultant looked into another antifungal called Voriconazole. I know some people do feel Itraconazole makes a real difference so perhaps it will also in your case.

I know that recently a few people with APBA have tried Xolair (treatment for allergic asthma) which can be difficult to obtain due to criteria,in general, being quite strict, my IgE is too high for Xolair though my local PCT are looking into my case. I find Prednisolone really helps but I end up on quite large doses which is not ideal.

hope that helps a little. Simi


Hi Simi

Thanks for answering my questions....I have been on intraconazole since last august with limited benefits and just seen consultant at Southampton today and it looks like my dose will be going back up to 400mg a day when I see him in three months time as by then it will be mould season. Originally I thought this may have been a short term medication but now looking as if it will be a long term one for me in one form or another. I also have the same problem my IgE is to high to get xolair wish the level would drop below 700 instead of increasing all the time. I hope you are able to get your IgE level below the 700 level...


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