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Seeing what works or not!

Just wondered what peoples coping strategy is when trying out the numerous asthma medications that are available....

I have got to the point where I have tried so many medcines, and been told by so many people we can sort this out, only to find nothing works. So my strategy is to think it won't work and then be surprised if it does... unfortunately no surpises yet... and less options... It also means I don't feel let down each time something else does not work...

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seeing what works or not.

Hi I know exactly what you mean I have suffered like this for 2+ years and still struggling. Not good at moment on reducing steriods just feel rotten. I just cant believe how we fellow asthma sufferes get treated sometimes it makes me so frustrated, but on the other hand at least I know im not on my own. It so good talking to other asthmatics makes me feel im not on my own. xxx


Not sure I have a strategy! But I know what you mean. I probably haven't been through as many medications as you both have or had all the steroid side effect issues, but I've definitely had a reasonable number, always with the 'if this doesn't work they'll start saying it's in my head again' thing. So so relieved when the montelukast worked as it made a difference, finally, and showed it wasn't just my head.

Just started another lot of Symbicort today so I am having the 'please let this work' feeling! Esp. as they'll start making noises again about 'oh well, the steroids really OUGHT to work you know'.

Hope you both do find something that works soon.


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