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Allergy Tests

Hoping someone could shed some light on how allergy results are presented. I have just had some allergy tests repeated and one of these was for the mould panel (with 4 different types of moulds) which was positive and just one grade given. Is this result positive for all four moulds???? I know on previous individual RAST tests I have come back positive previously for 2 of the 4 moulds tested. To be honest hoping it is not for all four as one of them was for penicillium, so this could be an issue for having antibiotics (until I speak to GP will avoid it). Will be asking my GP when I see him next...

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was it a skin prick test?

I had 12 things tested and only had a positive result for grass that came up as a blister.

they measure the result in mm on the size of blister.

You could ring up who did the test and they can check it for you xxx


Glynis unfortunately it was the blood RAST test and it was for the mould pannel which includes four moulds however only one grade was given for all four... so asuming allergic to all four... previous tests have been done for individual moulds as both skin prick tests and RAST tests (so previously aware allergic to two of the four moulds). It was just typical for the letter to arrive on a saturday when no one was available to ask - just hoping someone else may have had this test done and knew if the one result related to all four moulds on the pannel... Will phone tommorrow to check...


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