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Space age spacers

I have seen a big advert in the AsthmaUK magazine for a shiny metallic spacer called a Vortex. I want to make sure my child gets his proper dose of salbutamol and will travel to the furthest reaches of the universe to ensure he does. So I had a look on eBay to see if anyone was selling one these devices, but only one person was selling any kind of spacer at all, for a whopping 59 quid, in the States, and that one didn't look much different to the plastic teddybear thing we've already got.

Does anyone know anything about the psychadelically-named Vortex, such as why it should be any better than the plastic thing? And where does one purchase this space-age technology? And how much is it? Any more info would be gratefully consumed into the vortex of my swirling mind.

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i found this link in another post and it explains abot the vortex and im not sure but i think you can get them from the gp

i myself havent used one so i cant tell you how affective they are but i hope the link guves you an ides


the link is in german but you translate by cliking on deuscth and changing it too english

i hope you and your little boy are ok and well





I use the vortex spacer and find it very good you can buy them direct from Pari their phone number is on their website I paid £12.99 for mine. Hope this helps.




Dear Wanda and Hannah, thank you both so much for this information. I shall pursue it hottly.

Hope you both stay well.

Kate xx


No problems.

The reason why they are said to be more effective is because they are metal rather than plastic and therefore attract less static thus preventing the medication sticking to the inside of the spacer.

There is a childrens version with mask.



i never knew that static makes the medication stick to the in side of the chamber i might get a vortex if they work thanks wanda for that very useful peice of information as my old areochamber is getting old

hugs and kisses hannah


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