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Omalizumab (Xolair) trial

Hi all

I have recently been approached about taking part in the Xolair trial for non-allergic asthma, as my asthma is still uncontrolled despite all the meds. I think this is an amazing opportunity for me, but I have loads of questions buzzing around in my head and just wanted to hear your opinions and experiences.

Firstly, I may not recieve Xolair at all, but get a placebo (dummy drug) instead. This would be ok, but as part of the study you have to stop all current medications and switch to Symbicort 100/6 initially at 2 puffs twice a day, then once a day, with Bricanyl turbohaler as a reliever. This is a massive drop from my current meds, and I'm worried that my asthma will become severely uncontrolled. The trial explicitely says it will treat this with prednisolone as normal (although you will then have to leave the study) but I already have severe attacks that require hospital admission on a frequent basis and am worried that on so little medication, I will have major troubles.

The study also involves having 2 bronchoscopies, I have never had one whilst conscious so can anyone share their experience with me?

Thanks in advance, would really love your opinions and views.

Emz x

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hi crazybaby, hope ur well

i think you should contact them to go through all your concerns hun as these are major concerns, especially because as you say you will have a big drop in your current level of meds like you say. that would worry me! then again, i suppose they know what they are doing, health and safety etc... and remember your health comes first i.e to you want to risk putting yourself under more stress of worrying what if ? so speak to them and see if they can answer your concerns...

hope they can put ur mind at ease asap.

if the trial works and makes your life easier and controls your asthma better then thats a positive outcome for you :)

hope i have been of help rather than confuse you more :S

x x


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