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Hi guys,

Went to see my consultant today after having rough times with my chest the past few weeks, and one of the doctors (minions of the main man!) told me to increase my ciclesonide to 2 puffs twice a day if I feel my asthma getting worse. I'm slightly concerned about this though: the BNF states that ciclesonide 160mcg be given one puff once a day. I've always been on 1 puff twice a day, which is already a high and unlicensed dose. But 2 puffs twice a day?!

Is anyone else on a weird dose of this inhaler? The majority of doctors I come across in hospital have never even heard of it, and I'm worried that such a high dose may cause side effects that haven't been monitored/discovered yet...

Any advice or experience welcome!

Thanks, Emz x

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I was on this inhaler at the higher dose for a number of months and although it isnt a usual dose it is indicated with severe asthma. It is a newish inhaler so hasnt worked its way into GP's knowledge. All side effects ith this needs to be yellow carded but I didnt have any


I've been on two puffs twice a day since I started Ciclesonide. Everyone questions the dose and thinks I have it wrong. I'm just as loopy as normal - no extra side-effects! The main problem as you've noticed is that no-one has heard of it which can be really difficult if you have an emergency admission.


I have been on two puffs twice a day for a long time too...I haven't noticed any side effects but then my asthma is all over the place at the moment! The hardest thing with this inhaler is definitely that it only seems to be a limited number of medics that have heard of it!!! Hope that your feeling better soon.



I am on the 160mg version but taking three puffs twice daily have previously been on two puffs twice daily to be honest not noticing a lot of difference... Pharmacy have to order inhaler in and consultant made sure GP was aware of the dose...


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