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long term steroid therapy

Hi y'all

The only thing left for me to try to try and take control of my asthma is maintainence prednisolone. However, I notice some of you are on kenalog, and I was just wondering if this is a potential alternative to long-term pred?

Obviously my consultant is keen to avoid pred due to the side effects but there's little else left for me to try - are there similar side effects with kenalog? Or anything else I can try to avoid the dreaded pred?

Many thanks x

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There is theophyillne, medadrone (?) or Xolair.



I think the side effects are pretty similar to Prednisolone although I don't know if there are any differences long term.


I've had Kenaog injections regularly for a long time but still need Prednisolone on occasions. The injections can be painful as they need to be given deep into the muscle. They are a long acting steroid and can have the same side effects as all steroids.


Ive only just found this website so this is my first post.

Ive had long term steroid therapy quite a few times in the past and its not the best option in the world. It does help but i would really concider the side effects as you will most likely experience all of them at one point.

personally speaking the bruising, heart burn and my mood swings were among the worse.

But then that was my experience and you may find that you have no problems. but the longer your on them it increases the chance of side effects.

hope i didnt rant on. but i have a very strong hate of steroids. as i had a year and a half of 40 mg and ended up on extra tablet to counteract the side effects of the steroids.


I have been on long term steroids for nearly 7 years ( 30-40mg daily) and not had a day without them in this period. However as a consequence I have steroid induced diabetes, cataracts in both eyes, gastritis and week bones to name a few. My consultant has tried all sorts to get me off them and nothing has worked so I am stuck on these horrible drugs. I therefore have to lots of other drugs on top to counteract the steroids and other problems the steroids have caused.


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