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Odd symptoms during attack?

Hello all, hope you are as well as can be.

I have recently noticed that I sometimes get chest pains (well, not central chest but more ribs, around 4th/5th intercostal-ish) that are fairly sharp and stabbing when I have a particularly bad attack. I don't have any cardiac history and the pain is never central/left sided/left arm/jaw, but generally around my ribs and back where my lungs are. Does anyone else experience this, or should it give me cause for concern? The pain subsides when the attack does and doesn't hurt afterwards, and has never been severe enough to warrant medical attention but is more confusing than anything!

A second new and confusing symptom I seem to have developed is that of having problems with my vision during a severe attack (i.e. an attack that doesn't seem to respond to nebs at home and so I have to ""go in""), whereby my eyesight goes ""a bit dim"" and blurry or with double vision. I haven't mentioned this to my cons yet as it has only just started happening but I have had a couple pretty bad attacks in the past week and the dodgy vision thing has happened twice - does anyone else experience this? Or can come up with any rationale as to what might be happening?

I realise we aren't allowed to give medical advice, and neither of these issues seem to warrant medical attention, but I am just interested to know if others out there experience similar things, or whether I am losing the plot!

Hope this post makes sense, chest not happy today and the sun is beckoning...

Thanks in advance

Emz x

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I too get chest pain which is what drove me to the Dr. originally, it came to a head over Christmas and New Year of 2009;

it starts in my upper chest either one or both sides, and if I do not use blue reliever it then progresses to a cramping sensation which spreads. At first it was thought I had a heart problem, but after tests they discovered I have Asthma, and it appers I have had it for a long time but not realised it.

Now just trying to stabilise it so I can return to everything I used to do.

My main symptom is also a cough and I have never had a ''normal '' attack of wheezing etc.

If in doubt get to Dr's and get checked out.


odd symptons

Hi Emz , i had the same problem,mine turned out to be brittle asthma, it was was made worse because of steroid induced osteopenia,(only got that,as i use prednisilone for my asthma,and have been on them years) get checked out, i go 5 times yearly, good luck, Ray x


I'd mention both of those to your consultant, it's best to be safe than sorry, surely?

I get quite a lot of chest pain, but the GP checked me out by doing the classic 'does it hurt when I do this?' test and prodding and poking. In my case it turned out to be a simple mechanical thing caused by the fact I cough very hard, so my muscles and sternum were getting a beasting! As that proves, it could be something benign, but I did end up having an X-ray just to make sure it wasn't anything nastier.


Hi I get the same, the pain is awful. My Son has the same problem, when having chest checked, always told it's lovely and clear. We don't wheeze and I haven't been coughing, but my chest kills. Most of pain goes away when I've had ventolin either inhaler or nebs. Doc said my asthma was better the other day as it sounded clear. Still having problems and have other health problems at mo.Feel I'm having to battle to get the help I need. Hope you get some answers



I get soreness/pain in betwen my ribs but on the right side. I get a cough and no classic wheezing. This weather has given me hay fever which makes it all worse.

Vision could be sinuses related?, I get painful sinuses then headaches, tell your asthma nurse.

I told mine I though I had rhinitis and she gave me Nazonex.


Hiya :)

I get the chest pain plus palpitations (although that is prob due to the ventolin!!!) also before I have a really bad attack, my face gets a crusty rash which then spreads to my hands but I suppose that's cos i'm so allergic to stuff it grabs onto my skin.

Hope you feel better soon :)


I have that too, spent so long switching medications, testing things out and reducing medication. But I've noticed my chest pain is like a warning sign that im gonna have a wheezy bad attack.

Im actually now becoming alert to warning signs - keep an peakflow chart that really helps. I've just got my act together by doing this and noting anything odd and it helps loads when im trying to explain this to my doctor. (I try not to be too obsessive but this helps me also think how many triggers i could have and/or come in contact with)


When I have had bad attacks (been admitted) I haven't noticed problems with my vision but my boyfriend says my pupils do dilate. Apparently it is often the first sign that things are about to detiorate! I am bit surprised that no one else seems to have experienced/noticed it.

As others have said best to get the chest pain checked out- better safe than sorry. Then you can ask about the vision at the same time!



I get a crushing kind of pain in my chest, shoulder blades etc... when i have attacks and also have palpitations beforehand too. Since being diagnosed with having asthma i developed a systole heart murmur too. Though after having tests its found to be a slightly floppy valve but not bad enough to be classed as mvp or any other valve problem and its been said that i can just ignore it. Its strange, always been healthy without problems and then the two come along within about 2 months. My murmur was discovered by an a&e doc following my 1st bad asthma attack and ive been left with it ever since.


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