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Change in Consultant at Uni

Hi there

I currently under a respiratory consultant for my difficult-to-control asthma in Devon, who has decided that my asthma is looking decidedly brittle. However, I have just been accepted at University in London, and start in 3 weeks time. I am under the impression that I will simply be handed over to a consultant in London - do I have to organise this personally or will my current consultant do this for me?

Also, as I will be doing a nursing degree, I have to fill in an Occupational Health form disclosing my medical history. There are boxes for diabetes, epilepsy, back problems etc but nowhere to disclose asthma. Is it necessary that I inform them? Or, as it has been omitted from the questionairre, can I assume that it is unimportant to the admissions criteria?

Thanks in anticiption of replies!

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When I went to Uni, it was some time ago, i registered with the GP but kept my consultant locally on the basis that if i was that bad i'd end up either admitted so it didn't matter who i saw or at home with mum looking after me anyway in which case was handy to have local consultant still.

My cons was quite happy to see me during holidays for the 4 years and also arranged that I could just ring and pop into clinic if ended up home having problems.

When i moved areas my consultant arranged for the transfer between consultants as he knew one where i was moving to. On other occasions it has been done as referal by new GP which seems to take much longer.

My nursing occy health form had asthma on it, I would write it on there somewhere.



i am at uni and currently see 3 consultants. I see 1 where I am from who is my original 1, 1 at the North West Lung Centre and 1 at uni. When I first went to uni 2 years ago, the plan was to stick to the home 1 and see her in holidays and to ring in term time but i managed to pick 1 up at uni through continuous admissions. He is lovely and I see him once in a while as an outpatient just to keep him in the loop as to what is happening. With regards to the form I would write it on somewhere, it is best to be honest. One of my housemates at uni does nursing and you have to complete so many hours of placement before you can qualify so it is best to be honest. Hope this helps and good luck at uni!

love steph x


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