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Swine Flu Jab and Prednisolone (sorry yes more H1N1!)

Hey guys

Went to get my swine flu jab today (was in two minds anyway but suspected I should get it as I'm nursing vulnerable people, and I'm vulnerable with my asthma) but the nurse who was giving the vaccines (a very senior and knowledgeable nurse) wasn't sure if I should have it as I'm on a short course of prednisolone, as it's technically an immunosuppressant. So therefore, I didn't have it. Although a one off course of pred probably wouldn't matter, I have short courses quite often.

Has anyone else had this problem, or can shed any light on whether or not people on prednisolone can have this injection?

Thanks in advance!

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I Had mine when on pred, but it would be up to your nurse what she thinks is best.

I remember because it was the day I went for more resportry tests and was told can reduce pred every 3 days till off them.

The same day had a phone call to come get my swine flu jab and went straight away. xxxxxxxxx


i have no idea what the norm is but i had both the HINHI jab and the normal flu jab together on wednesday whilst on pred.

however the nurse did um and ah for a bit first- i think she was concious that if i missed the boat this time id have to wait for the next batch to come in and my asthma is mainly triggered by cold and flu viruses - my last cold got me admitted etc so we both agreed that the sooner i got my jabs the better.

they said im my surgery that they were jabbing those with supresed immune systems first, so maybe they can give it to people on pred?


Hi crazybaby,

Immunosuppression is actually an indication to vaccinate, not a contra-indication, so yes you can have it whilst on pred. However, if it were, for example, a usually well-controlled asthmatic who has had a sudden downturn in their condition meaning they end up on pred acutely, I'd probably hold off vaccinating them until they were a bit better/more stable again. So, in summary, if it's not unusual for you to be on pred, then it's probably fine for you to have the vaccine.

Hope this helps.


hi crazybaby (and hi cathbear!),

I am on longterm pred at a dose of 7.5-15mg, and I work in a hospital including with immunosuppressed children, so we are on at least a twoline whip to get the swine flu vaccination. The protocol at my hospital says that if you are on less than 20mg pred per day you are just vaccinated as usual, but if you are on 20mg per day or more then you count as immunosuppressed and should have two doses instead of one (at an interval - not sure how long as it didnt apply to me). It all seemed fairly clear-cut, at least at this particular hospital. As cathbear says, being immunosuppressed is an indication _for_ being vaccinated, and if you are very immunosuppressed you should have two doses - rather than the opposite. But if you are only rarely on prednisolone you may as well wait for a few days until you're off it - if you are on it regularly then there is no reason to wait.

Hope you are soon off pred again though!




Love the way there's so much different information out there...

I'm due to have my swine 'flu jab at my health centre tomorrow. As I was only discharged from hospital today and concerned that the health centre might be unsure and not give it (I DO want it; swine 'flu's going round the student hall I live in like mad) I asked the doctors at the hospital about whether I could/should have it.

They said that I definitely should have it because I counted as immunosuppressed. They also said that I was more likely to develop a 'flu like illness/longish reaction to it because I'm unwell at the moment and on high dose pred and that I shouldn't have my Pred reduced for a while whilst the swine 'flu jab gets to work. Hmm, oh well, better all that than complications from the 'flu I suppose so I'll just have to see. I'm waiting for the nurse to argue that I can't have it as I'm unwell. I don't know what happens then as the health centre have already said this is the only batch they have and vaccine clinic date for now and they don't know when there will be other vaccine clinics. :S


had mine when on pred and ok xxxx


Had my piglet 'flu jab this afternoon and although I had the one that is supposed to only need one dose, I have to go back in three weeks for a second dose because I'm immuno-compromised. The health centre said they'd had about four patients with the same issue so they're doing a special extra vaccine clinic for those needing the second jab.

So far no side effects, we'll see how things go...


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