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Low morning peak flows

I have a consistent problem at the moment with very low morning peak flows. My best and usual during the day is 450 with my morning being 60 to 80. I use the usual meds - flixotide 250 - 4 x 2/day, serevent x 2/day, theophylline 400mg x 2/day and I am currently using nebs morning (necessary to recover) and night (in an attempt to prevent low peak flows on waking)- these ventoline 5mg or atrovent if ventoline does not work. I am recommencing pred today having been on a 5 day course 2 two weeks ago following an admission of 2 days when I was unable to get Peak flows back up on waking.

Does anyone know how to rectify these low waking peak flows? Is this something to do with the way I sleep ie. shallow breathing, lower oxygen levels? Is this just inflamed lungs that need time to recover? Is this just winter, when my asthma and admissions are significantly worse.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Asthmatic since childhood though only brittle in the last 6 years


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Hi Debs

I don't have probs with waking but I am having probs with pf generally. It's not getting above 270 tops - but on average is 200-250 and I seem to be living at the hospital and at my GPs



Thanks Em

I am feeling much better this evening as the pred has kicked in. I I too spend a lot of time with my GP, Respiratory Nurse, and Consultant, and in and out of hospital, though I have only had 2 admissions this winter (previous winters have been 7+). I always feel that there must be something else I could do. We installed a dehumidifier at home and this has had a remarkable impact on my overall peak flows bringing them back up to 400 and 450 most of the day except waking. For me it was the best improvement on peakflows experienced in 6 years. My peak flows hovered around 250 to 300 for the last 6 years previous to installing the dehumidifier.

I am on and off pred every two weeks, and currently dependent on neb's x 2 a day. Frequent asthma attacks from a long list of triggers.

I have already learnt so much from reading the various threads on this Website. I am so grateful to everyone who posts here as it is very encouraging to know others with similar problems and the answers to the many questions I have.



I've given up with pf's at the mo my best is 400 but at mo am normally getting around 250 ish in am and lower at night complete with loads of ventolin including through the night and am currently reducing pred. don't think there is an answer esxcept to keep going and hope for improvement.


Thanks Kathrine. Today a great improvement, with pred working very well during the day but my peak flows are still very annoying in the morning. I am trying also to make a concerted effort at taking time out and rest, which I think will help. Just can't help think that if I could sort out these irritatingly low morning peak flows that my Asthma could become 'manageable' if this is possible. I will still have to sort out the hormonal problem, (all my acute attacks are around this time) ....I will keep exploring and learning.



for me, I've found it helpful to keep a little heating on at night, and make sure no one else in the house has opened any windows! (thanks Mum, no cold air dosn't help)

Also like those cheap 'memory' foam pillows from Ikea.

hope your feeling a little stonger


Have you tried Montelukast at night? Ask your doctor


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