peakflow improved since having steroid nasal spray

Does anyone share my experience? I was using salbutamol a lot and GP was not sure why. Anyway, he changed my nasal spray and eye drops to steroid rather than antihistamine ones, and I have used the salb. far less and my peak flow has improved. I also take loratadine every day. Maybe it is coincidence, but I think not.


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  • If thats the case it show your problems are inflammatory not allergic? unless more because of changed antihistamine and loratadine better for you? or combination? you can never tell when they change more than one thing at once?

    Andrea xx

  • Hi Andrea

    Interested in the inflamation theory as I have recently also been diagnosed with arthritis - not sure what type. However, I also have hay fever and sensitivies to perfume and chemicals and some foods, so really don't know. I have had to take extra loratadine in last few weeks, but I was doing that before the nasal spray and eye drops were changed. Anyway, so long as the breathing is better, that is a definite bonus.


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