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Six weeks and I'm bad AGAIN

Six weeks ago I was on Steroids. Got well could dance for three hours a night and do Agility with the dog. Now back to half hour of dancing and have to sit down due to coughing. and cannot run round the agility course again due to coughing. Even though my Peakflow has not gone down a lot. My chest is sore. I am on Symbicort. Anyone got any ideas . Back to the nurse again I suppose.

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yep you said it keep going back till you have the right combination. I'm in a simliar stage its like going round in circles or a rollercoaster. maybe you need to review everything to find the one thing that is not working well enough for you.


And back I went. Steroids, antibiotics, ventolin. No sleep Thursday night. Am feeling a bit better today. But coughing fits still happen. Nurse suggested I see the doc to get reffered for allergy tests at Cambridge, (have an appointment Wednesday). Watch this space.


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