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Itchy and Scratchy!

Hello, i read most days but don't very often post. Am itching for England at the moment, am covered from top to toe in a red blistery rash, but its not my eczema. I am covered in huge different shaped blisters too! AARGH... The only thing different is i changed hairdressers and she used Redken products on my hair, but surely i wouldn't get that bad a reaction....

Just wondered if this has happened to anyone else after visiting the hairdressers. Have increased my steroids (as am also wheezy) and am slavered in Doublebase. Am like a big slippery chip, lol. Anyone got any suggestions? Have tried lukewarm bath and am wondering about trying wet wraps - am so, so itchy any suggestions very welcome please. Thank you, a very itchy Lois

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you can have alergic reaction to any product. have you tried taking antihistimine, should help, but If it continues this bad I would get advice from gp or walk in centre.



Hello Lois,

It's almost certain your blistery rash has been caused by one of the Redken products IF your rash occurred within 1 - 5 hours of having your hair done. If the rash occurred later then perhaps other potential allergens might have caused your rash, for example something you ate ( for the first time), or maybe something you touched.

I've not forgotten a time when I used a L... ( rhymes with HUSH) hair product The ingredients were supposed to be 'natural' aka a henna based conditioner.

Two months later I managed to regain control of all horrible symptoms, one of which included the whole body blistery and incredibly itchy rash. My medications included diprobase on body only, hydrocortisone creams, and, most effectively, the use of simple soap products.

I'm not for a minute suggesting you follow my actions, but what you do need to do is control your symptoms as soon as possible.

Our outside skin is a mirror of our inside 'skin' concerning allergic reactions so with an outside inflammed skin you need to cover yourself with the softest and least scratchy clothes... silk, cotton... but never wool - often very scratchy- when skin is inflammed, or synthetic materials as your skin would not be able to breathe. (Bit like our lungs and using the least 'scratchy' medicine to regain control of our breathing problems)

Please talk to your doctor if symptoms don't settle down within two weeks.

I truly sympathise with your itchy symptoms.

Perhaps the most radical alleviation is that of showering under cold water! Best done when outside temp is hot, but when desperate, can work very well in our currently cold UK climate!



I had problem with lymph transport system few years ago which produced very itchy skin to the extent that I was scratching till it bled for relief.

Locum suggested instead of scratching which annoys all the nerve endings around the itch, that I should tap my fingers on most itchy point. Worked for me. Mind you, I'd to do a lot of tapping at first.


Hello, thank you ever so for the replies, especially Mia - I didn't realize that shampoo could cause such a reaction! Which was a bit dosey of me really because i get bad wheezy reactions to certain foods that give me a severe asthma attack/exacerbation but i just didn't appreciate that skin can react badly too.

Never mind I do now! Have had my steroids increased and that has helped a bit and have got some Hydrocortisone cream and Synlar cream but am not being very good at not scratching, oops. Thanks again for the advice, take good care, Lois x


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