Saw a Professor yesterday who has offered me a stomach bypass which he says will reduce my exacerbations and admissions. I have very rarely suffered from indegestion etc but he says that he is certain in his mind that i have a faulty valve and that acid is going into my lungs!. On Tues i am going to have some cells taken from my lungs and then for 2 weeks i am to take Lansoprazole 60mg daily and Ranitidine 300mg daily and then have cells taken again and then have a stomach bypass! So within the space of a month i will not only have better asthma control but be a slim jim!

This is a bit of a bolt out of the blue, and i wonder if it where that simple how come the consultants i've seen for the last 15 years haven't picked this up and also i was told by the anaesthetist last year that because of my asthma he could not give me a general anaesthetic for bladder surgery. So i had a smaller op that wasn't as effective


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