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Fat Face!

Hello, am fed up today i woke up and could not open my right eye and the right side of my face had dropped and was at least twice its normal size. Aargh! Was wheezy too so braved the out of hours Dr, he said that it is an allergic reaction and put some tablets on my tongue and gave me a neb. Am not as wheezy now but my face is still huge, its not as bad i can open my eye now and at least it doesn't hurt but i don't like being a fat face!

My lips tingled too, i didn't like it i prefer just asthma on its own. I don't know what caused it as i ate a little of lots of different Italian dishes at a buffet with an Italian theme, would feel better if i knew what caused it. My eczema has flared over night too and the skin on my face feels so tight and stretched. At least its only one side, lol. Sorry for the moan, thanx Lois

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Hi lois, does sound like a bad allergic reaction. To what I can only guess. Perhaps something you ate or touched on the Italian night. Tomatoes (even when washed) sometimes have a dusty feel that can make my face tighten, should I then touch my cheek. Could be something like this as just on one side of your face.

Sympathising and wishing you better soon,

Moira xx


Hi Lois, oh unfortunate, hope you recover soon. Feel it would be wise to discuss this incident further with your doctor when you have recovered. I have been lucky so far and have never developed a full blown anaphylaxis reaction, but because like you my lips tingle and I do start to experience problems with my breathing if exposed, now carry an epi-pen, which upon a severe reaction have always been advised to use. Hope you never experience any thing more serious, but it is always wise to have an action plan for the future.

Take Care



Thanx Kat and GrannyMo, am at difficult asthma clinic next week so will tell them about it. The other eye has come out in sympathy this morning but not the cheek, looks like someone has thumped me or a giant hamster, lol. Have increased my steroids and the out of hours Dr gave me Fexofenadine and anti-biotic cover too. Thanx again, hope your both okay, take good care, love Lois


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