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Not content with an exerbation of my asthma and my eczema my back decides to join in - yowser I have got the most agonising pain in the middle of my lower back. The pain is even worse than post-operative pain from Caserean and bladder surgery.

Gave in and went to Out of Hours GP, who asked me to climb on the bed!!! I can't even bear to sit or lift my leg and I'm meant to get on de bed!. Oh joy, can't have NSAID because they make me very wheezy had tried Co-Codamol 30/500 and not got any relief at all from that. Got a scrippy for 100mg Tramadol, 500g Paracetamol and Diazepam 5mg four hourly. Oh my word am scared i won't wake up with all that lot but am in so much pain will try anything. The Dr said that it is a spasm in my back. I haven't lifted anything or done anything out of the ordinary.

It hurts so much and I keep coughing with my asthma which makes it hurt more! On the positive side I can't bend at all so can't scratch my eczema on my shins which was getting a bit too shiny red and bleeding. Every cloud has a silver lining.... Hope this pain goes and hope these meds are not going to affect my asthma like the Ibuprofen did in the past. Sorry for moaning....has anyone else suffered from back spasms and if so do you have any tips please. Thank you an itchy, wheezy and in a lot of pain Lois xx

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Back pain and a wheeze together is very unpleasant, I've had that. Fortunately it didn't last for more than a couple of days. It hurt to lie on my side and if I lay flat on my back I couldn't stop coughing. Sleeping wasn't easy, more like impossible. Once the twinges calmed down I found it much easier.

I can't take ibrupofen either. I like co-codomol, makes me feel a little drunk. Other than that I found it best just to sit in the most comfortable position I could find and try to relax. Lots of comfort food as well. I also put on my sons deep heat on (eczema didn't like it much but it seemed to help with the pain - for me).

Eczema is a pain, just when you think nothing else can start, it does.

I hope you feel better quickly! It really didn't last for too long with me, I hope your experience is similar.


I hope your back gets on the mend soon...

Have you tried an electric heat pad on your back as this can make life a little more comfortable or a tens machine...

Be weary of the tramadol tablets as they can make you feel spaced out and nauseous...


if you can manage it, rather than meds, hot relaxing bath with lavendar oil really works for me... cant use any other oils etc as it triggers my asthma, but lavendar seems to be okay and also very relaxing....

soothes all muscles, aaaahhhh. actually could do wiv one now!



HI Lois.

my back hurts really bad between my shoulder blades when bad ,just take lots of co cads and

already on 300mg tramadol for OA.

My breathing as always bad when back hurts and knocks me sick xxxx


Codeine can help to suppress a cough, so you may find it helps indirectly as it will reduce the pain caused by coughing - but check that it's okay to take alongside anything else you take. I took Tramadol for a while when I was very ill a few years ago - I was usually on another planet when I took it - although it worked on the pain it left me feeling really spaced out.


The coughing can be enough to cause your back to spasm neevr happened to me but has to a friend. Tramadol is good but affects people differently some are fine-i take 400mg a day and have never had any probs but i know off people who are knocked out on 50mg so be aware. likewise with the diazepam its probably best that at least until you know how it affects you to have someone with you.

If you can like was suggested a hot bath may help of hot water bottle if no heat pad

I hope you get some relief very soon -mayb u may need an asthma review to try and get the coughing under control.


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