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Oh my word!

Saw a new Professor yesterday who offered me a stomach bypass and said that it would reduce my exacerbations of asthma and reduce my admissions!. He said that a valve is faulty and is allowing acid into my lungs! So on Tues i am having cells taken from my lungs and then being started on Lansoprazole 60mg daily and Ranitidine 300mg daily for 2 weeks and then getting some more cells taken from my lungs. Then i will have the stomach bypass! Crikey all this within a month after having been told for the last 10 years plus to accept the limitations asthma places on me and learn to live with it. Was excited at first but am scared now - was told by the anaethatist last year that couldn't have a general anaesthetic because of my asthma so had to have a smaller bladder op that despite week in hosp and 3 months of work didn't work as well as the one the Urologist wanted to do.

Yikes! Has anyone else been offered or had this procedure? Am bit nervous to say the least and wondering about going privately to get a second opinion. It seems a bit sudden and drastic a measure but then he is the Professor and i am the patient. Am also scared of having the cells taken - does anyone know if this hurts? Thanks a soon to be much slimmer and hopefully less wheezy Lois

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