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Oh dear i have broken my favourite neb! My much used and loved Omron MicroAir - i boiled the mesh and it has parted company with the round plastic bit. Yikes, should have stuck to wiping tentatively with a Milton wipe but it had some black ?mould bits on the plastic bit so i boiled it for 20 mins instead of a few mins and when i fished it out of the pan it was separate. Has anyone ever done this have gone on the Evergreen site but you need Paypal and i don't know what this is so will have to wait till tommorow and order over the phone.

All Blue Peter fix it tips gratefully received, thank you, a worried Lois

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Evergreen woudln't have sent out til tomorrow anyway so I woudln't worry. Get paypal - it's great - you don't need to put in card details then. I got a spare mesh as mine died after a year and I didn't want to have the stress I was in again so got 2 instead of 1 so I have a spare now. can't give you any blue peter tips i'm afraid. When my mesh died I had to lug around my lovely big blue noisey generator - needless to say I made getting a new mesh a top priority!

Hope you get sorted soon



Hello Lois,

Yes, I did that to two meshes a couple of years ago! Boiled them dry and they melted.

I always have a spare anyway. Yes, Phone Evergreens, they are quite happy to take phone orders and as they are tiddly, you may get them the next day in the post.

Probably not fixable! I assume the metal bit has popped out both bits of the plastic casing and the white seal bit?

Though, whenever you clean the new mesh next time - Don't Use Miltons! Or the wipes - the sodium chlorate ( Bleach agent) will corrode and degrade metal eg the Mesh. So It may have been loosened by the miltons wipe before you boiled it.

The method I use is Sterident tablets in very hot water for 20 mins! I also wash in very hot water & tad of washing up liquid every day I use the neb.


I've broken a few meshes by dropping omron they crack or ive poked at it to try and get the moisture off mesh, not good idea lol! I have a question ive had my omron nearly 4 years and its really started to misbehave lately some days it goes sooo slow and then its fine, ive noticed theres rust on the connector bits under the med chamber could that be the problem or is it time to get a new neb?


Claire, you could try cleaning the points with a steret, they get dirty sometimes.

Also if you have dropped it, they may be misaligned!

You may be able to get it serviced by Omron? I sent mine back to White medical, the oficial Omron disrtibuter - they sorted it but they can be a bit 'short' with you and accuse you of misues & not cleaning it properly. mine went back after a week becaise it didn't neb properly and they accused me of breaking the mesh - small hole - but it was faulty in the first place... they replaced it free of charge though.

Mine is over 5 yrs old and still quite happy!

Now, I always use Evergreens! You may need a new neb if none of the above work. They also do an omron for £10 less under Medix name


Thanks everyone for the advice, i have balanced it precariously and it works yipeee! Am very relieved, hopefully it will last until my replacement mesh comes. Thanks Kate, whoops i have used Milton wipes and the boiling method for 2 years, whoops will get some Steradent tommorow.

I had forgotton how noisy my Medix is, lol. Thanks again, a much happier Lois


Thanks kate just cleaned with alcowipe working fine now :) me thinks I need to be better with cleaning the poor thing for it to last much longer.


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