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Flu injection

I had my flu injection last week, ouch! SInce then have had a very sore red itchy arm with a big lump on the injection site and diarrhoea! Haven't had this injection for the last few years but was nagged into it by health care assistant as there is an outbreak of swine flu in our area. 3 people have died in the last few weeks, they had no underlying illness, were fit and active until contracting swine flu.

The Chief Exec of our local NSH trust has said today that if it was up to him he would make the vaccine compulsary for all the 8000 members of his workforce. At the moment 29% of the workforce have taken up the offer of the vacc.

Only 43% of at risk goups under the age of 65 in England have had the jab , compared with 68.5% of over 65's. I wonder how many have been put off having the jab by the 'swine flu' component of the flu jab! To be honest I was and I'm not alone it would seem by the take up of Nurses and other health care professionals but have had it now. Have you had yours?

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I've got an appointment on thurs... Must say am worried there will be adverse affects.

However - I think it's got to be better than swine flu itself. Spent a long time recovering from swine flu last autumn and I'm sure it caused some long term damage that contributed to my bad asthma this year.


had mine weeks ago and pnewmonia jab also. Asthma bad and had go hosp yesterday.they had lots of swine flue admissions and my mum in with pnewmonia


Had the flu jab in Nov (I think!). Son and husband had it too and none of us had any reaction except bit of a sore arm. Son and I had the swine flu jab (cant remember when) and we were both ill afterwards - fortunately in school hol so son didnt miss any school. But I'm glad to have any jab going and hope for the best.


Hi all I had my seasonal flue jab with the swine flue in it in October, I had a heavy sore arm for a couple of days and fine afterwards, im so pleased I had it, I am really struggling with my chest at the moment, this weather has not helped at all, any one still thinking of having it, id say go and get it done ! x


Hi Lois,

Like you I was worried about having the flu jab this year because of the swine flu being included. I had my jab in november. I had the very sore swollen and bruised arm for about a week.

Right now I'm glad i had no choice in the matter as I've been bad with a chest infection since oct. Imagine how bad i would be if I got the swine flu on top of it?




i always get it, and was putting it off this year (partly through choice, partly through general uselessness of current gp surgery to offer vaccines at a time other than when i'm working at school!!). eventually surrendered to the fiance's nagging, especially when he pointed out how bad i was in the summer and how he wasn't prepared to see me u nder blues and twos and in recuss for the sake of a tiny jab (as he put it).

so i toddled down to sainsbury's and paid 8 quid. sorted, and not a side effect in sight!!


Yes, my daughters & I all had ours a couple of weeks ago. Eldest D had a sore swollen arm for a few days but apart from that we were all fine. We have it every year without fail. I am abit annoyed as my sister said her four & half year old was offered it but she didn't see the urgency for him to have it & said no. Cant force her though, its her decision.



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