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Fed Up With Doctors Attitude


Is there anyone out there that is also fed up with how their G.P treats them ?

Since Xmas I've had a severe cold, chest infection, and now my asthma is now uncontrolled. I've been back and forth to my G.P. regarding my breathing, wheezing, pain in chest, coughing, etc and now they've decided to put me on prednisilone tabs for a week. I also have rhinitis & hay fever, which I'm sure has a connection to my asthma. I've tried repeatedly to get all these things sorted, without much satisfaction. I'm sure they think of me as a hypochondriac!

I wouldn't be there in the first place if they dealt with my other ailments properly !

I don't seem to have any immune system to fight off these infections/virus' etc, is there any supplements I could try to improve my respiratory health ?


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No, Daryl I think you are a long way from being alone with this. My dd has asthma and rhinitis too. Getting a diagnosis for the asthma was quick enough once we were on the 13th or 14th dose of antibiotics over a five month period and I told the doctor they couldn't just keep on treating the symptom but to look at why she was having constant chest, throat and ear infections.

Getting the rhinitis diagnosed and medicated was a whole other matter resulting in me calling the doctor one day, sobbing down the phone and begging (literally) for some help! Even recently we've had a GP ask why my dd could be making up stories about her throat being sore before he'd even examined her:~/

I think you need to get to a point where you can walk in and tell them that they may feel they are listening but they are not hearing you. Asthma and rhinitis (and I'm sure a myriad other health issues) can drag you down and severely affect your quality of life and you want to feel well again. That isn't asking too much. And if your GP can't do this then could you please be referred to someone that can.

Or, change your GP if at all possible!

My sympathies Daryl. Keep fighting buddy!!


Yeap my doctor is a complete idiot. Sorry about that but let me explain why I feel this way about my doctor.

I had to brin gmy doctors appointment that I had for this Friday forward to this afternoon. My appointment was at 4:40 and I wasn't seen until 5:30. For that whole time I was sat out-side his room struggling to the point where I was almost crying with the pain in my chest. I had been coughing for alf an hour and he called a patient in and thankfully she refused to go in and told the doctor to see me first as I was turning blue in the lips. He listened to my chest and said ""Ooh you have a terrible chest infection and it has spread to your bronculs. The neb blow up today and we don't have a spare so I am going ot have to give you 10 sprays of your inhaler instead through your spacer. Can you do peak flow before I give you the meds?"" I did and it read 200 my normal reading is between 410-460. Gave me the 10 puffs on my inhaler adn then half an hour later got to re-peat my peak-flow. Went up to 250. Gave me a prescription and told me I was to take 1 500mg amoxicillin 3 times a day and 8 5mg solable oral steriods once a day for the next 5 days and if I am still having difficulty breathinig and still feel like I have a 10 ton elephant sat in my chest at 9 tongiht then 999 it and get to the hospital. He decided this wa sbest fo rme as I had my 5 yaer odl daughter with as I collected her from dance club at school but the journey that normally takes me 15 minutes from school to the doctors took me 35 minutes. I have 1 hour to go and so far I can able to breathe better and the weight on the chest has gon edown from a 10 ton elephant to a 5 ton elephant and all that keeps going through my head is I can't go to the hospital if I do then my son's birthday party will have to be canceled and re-arranged as no-one else is going ot be able to manage the catering other than me. Everything has to be diary free because of my daughter being highly allergic to cow's milk protein. But I know my hubbie will ring 999 if he doesn't think I am safe being at home and the best place to be is in the hospital.

Doctors need to learn to listen to us more and not go by what htey can see and hear as most times you are waiting and by the time they see you, you have improved and thehy only see the after mast and not how bad you were when you got there


Hi Jacqui,

Thanks for that.

I am getting really fed up/angry with how G.P's seem to treat me.

I am also disabled by a stroke, arthritis in my spine, & stroke pain (I'm only 45). I try my best, I really do, but when your permanantly unwell, and in pain 24/7 it's hard not be depressed & p***ed off a lot of the time. I would love to be able to do normal things like anyone else but it's impossible which is incredibly frustrating !

It really shouldn't be like this, G.P's should be more on the ball & show more interest. Don't they realise how it might feel to be like this every day.

Oh to be healthy & active !

Rant over ;)



Daryl I am going ot have to cobvince my mother to join here. She is only 51 and has had 3 major strokes an dis in pain because of it, has rhinitis in the wrist, ankle and one other place but I can't remember where that is as she has only just been diagnosed with it in the third place and as part of her asthma action plan has to us a nebuliser twice a day when having a healthy period with the asthma and when asthma is bad has to up the nebuliser to 4 times a day. She would be great for you to talk too but she hates talkin gabout all her medical issues. She calls herself a walking chemist because of the amount of meds she is on



DOCS are usualy ok. They can put you on asthma stuff but if you have not got it under control will send you for tests.

My doc didnt send me for tests,it was the hospital after a few Glynis xxx


Had enuff wie gp. Hospital says one thing. Gp says another. Gp keeps trying to reduce prednisolone dose. On 4 occassions of reducing dose I've ended up in hospital. as gp refused to increase dose when things went wrong. Consultant wasn't impressed last time. Now gp has left instructions to reduce dose by 5mg daily. Despite hospital saying to remain on 30 mg til review in 4 months. This reduction tooo quick.Gonna change gp practice this week.


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