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I don't know what to do !!


I've been asthmatic for about 15 years, but for a few years now I seem to have permanent chest infections/colds etc. which usually means prednisilone or antibiotics to help my asthma. I also have hay fever & rhinitis which complicates things further !

I'm currently taking Avamys nasal spray; clenil modulite; singulair; & salamol easi-breathe. At the moment my asthma is really bad due yet another chest infection, and have phoned my g.p. for advice etc. but they are reluctant to prescribe prednisilone or antibiotics. I feel awful, cough all the time, I'm shaky, & weak. The inhalers aren't helping, and I'm using my reliever much more. Today I was sent to have yet another chest x-ray, and will have to wait 2 weeks for the results.

I'm interested in using a Omron microair u22 nebuliser, as I'm finding it difficult inhaling meds but my g.p. isn't keen on them as a rule, why ?

I just want to be able to breathe easier, and do normal activities.


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very few GP's and docs keen on home nebs due to the risk they prove as many asthmatics then leave it far longer before seeking help. Many medical personal work on the basis that if you need nebulisers you should be in hospital and those that do have them at home have them normally due to the number of admissions they would have otherwise and are on most other treatments going as well


Hi Daryl, my daughter has been told no neb at home because if she's poorly enough for a neb for consultant wants her on oxygen too. She's had 2 years of admission and constant infections too. She's tried just about every inhaler/tablet known to mankind but has recently started on Fostair with good results, she has just recovered a cold without the need for pred or nebs for the first time ever (and she's now 21).


Hello Daryl,

As already mentioned Home nebs won't be prescribed as they can lead to a false sense of security.

They are usually only precribed by Consultants for asthmatics that have exhausted all other avenues at home meds wise, had multiple hosp admissions, have severe chronic or accute asthma where a neb will improve quality of life at home or give more time when calling 999. Nebs also provide 10 to 20 x the amount in an inhaler so if you don't need that sort of dose there shouldn't be a need for a nebuliser. Looking at your meds list there is still room for improvement and other add on inhalers or tablets.

Have you tried other types of reliever inhalers? Also have you tried a spacer device on an ordinarly salbutamol inhaler ( I think the easi breathe is breath activates?)

Please ask about seeing an asthma nurse at your surgery if they have one! They often have more time to go through inhaler types.

Hope this helps




Thanks for explaining about nebulisers, I didn't realise they were a last resort. I thought that as I'm so out of breath they might have been easier to use than a normal inhaler.

I had another chest x-ray yesterday, and was told to expect the results in 2 weeks ! In the meantime I phoned my g.p. to ask if I could try a different type of inhaler (Fostair) instead of my current ones. Hopefully I'll pick up my prescription tomorrow.

I'm annoyed that they won't give me antibiotics as I know that I have a chest infection, or even prenisilone to help ease my breathing.

I seem to be chasing them for advice, which I seem to be doing all the time and get the feeling they think I'm a hypochondriac ! If they were more helpful in the first place I wouldn't be bothering them so often. . . rant over.



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