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swine flu jabs for those allergic to egg


Been reading bbc teletxt page 126 about the swine flu jabs that are now availiable it says that there are 2 versions gsk and baxters.The BAXTERS version is for those that have an egg allery but you would require 2 jabs.

Thoight this would interest hose that have an egg allergy


PS analogue T V

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Thanks Penny,

I will inform my surgery so they can hopefully get it in!



havnt got allergy to eggs myself but know a few people that do ,so had to post it as soon as i read it.

But if this is the case Why cant you get ordinary flu jabs egg free?




I have asked my GPs surgery to try to get hold of the Celvapan egg free version of the Swine Flu jab a few weeks ago.

I checked up with the nurses, via email ( nice & convenient) and they are currently trying to tie up with other GPs etc as I am the only one requesting egg free at my surgery and it comes in batches of 500!

Are there other egg alergic people out there trying to get the jab and have you had it or are you still waiting?

Many thanks



I am still waiting to hear about when the jab will be available The last I heard was that it will be given at a central location and not my local surgery.



I have had my letter for swine flu jab and rang up to query about egg free and still waiting for a reply as i would have to go to a specialist centre for it apparently, although i am still not sure i am having it. I think i have had swine flu so not sure if it worth it. Also peole who are having it are getting ill after it and i am due to start work......



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