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Seratide questions again ........... sorry!!

Spoke to asthma nurse again today as Seratide is helping but is still not controlling my symptoms (been taking it nearly two weeks now). Was using ventolin 4-5 times a day, now 2-3 times a day. So she said to increase my dose from 1 puff twice a day to two puffs twice a day. She said thats a really high dose, and if I don't see an improvement in the next week before I see her next, she'd look at adding another drug, probably a tablet.

I understand this but i'm only on the 125/25, isn't there a stronger dose?

So shouldn't I try higher doses of Seretide before adding another drug?

I've also requested a spacer to see if this helps although she said I have a really good inhaler technique.

Plus I feel a bit of a fraud as although I get the tight chest and SOB 2-3 times a day, I've never had a proper attack and the symptoms only tend to slow me down, not stop me doing things except I've had to slow the running down. So it seems a bit overkill with this amount of medication, especially as there are people whos lifes are limited by their asthma.

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usual dose is actually two puffs twice a day anyway, I always have done that with seretide and now with the individual inhalers. Yes 125 is really the lower level for adult use, they do a seretide 250 as well, same usage two puffs twice a day. Ask again for the spacer, tell her you get a sore throat and that you've been advised to use one to help stop this.

Next stage, tablet, singulair (I have) or maybe accolate, both same class of drug, but try the two puffs of seretide 125 twice daily.


Hi dont worry she might add in singluair (montelukast) in to give that umpf you need. Seretide is a good medicine and this will work takes time to build up. Dont worry too much about it!

Im on 500 seretide and a top up of flixotide 250 and spriva (which im taking out today - being swapped for aminophylline! finally by my Gp's!) theres a lot more to asthma control to add. Go back and speak to the nurse - sometimes you just need to find the right dose for inhalers to get the right results!


Hi, thanks for your replies. I'll see what upping to 2 puffs BD does over the next week and see what she suggests and take it from there then.

Just strange going from May where I just got on with it and thought it was normal, to August struggling to get on top of my symptoms and find out what the real normal is!!

Have got my prescription for a spacer now too, to be fair I do have sore throat and am loosing my voice already anyway so hopefully it'll help.


I am on seretide and the dose I am taking at the moment and I have been on this dose now for 6 weeks is 4x250mg/25mg which is working for me at the moment and I am working on the process of reducing that back down to 2x250mg/25mg


Now getting Singulair to add to the collection ;-(



on singulair also but carnt say I feel any different xxx


Nurse said to me it works for some and not others so I'm giving it a month, if no imprvement I stop and try something else


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