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Chest Infections

Ok so I've had a really chesty cough for a couple of weeks now, when I cough it really hurts the centre of my chest. Sometimes I can cough stuff up, sometimes it won't release so rattles on my chest. I just wondered how I would know it was a chest infection or not?

Also, when I can check my PF its around 420 (PB 550). I just wondered, I've read people with asthma should see their GP if they have a chest infection, why is this? Does it take longer to clear? Can it get worse? I always get coughs like this but have always let it run its course but don't know if thats the best thing?

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I would get checked out if you have pain and if troublesome xxx

they might give you antibs or something else but at least you had it checked out xxxx

love Glynis xxx


I agree with Glynis, you should definitely get it checked out. Chest infections can lead to worsening asthma and take longer to clear up. I recently left it too long to go to GP when I knew I had a chest infection and I had to have strong antibiotics and steroids. It took weeks to clear up and lungs are still grumpy. You might not have a chest infection but it's better to check with GP.


defo get it checked out, if have chest infection can get worse and lead to other complications....

you may need steroids and strong antibiotics so defo dont let it 'run its course' and if anything, it will ease your cough and give you relief :)



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