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Is this a chest infection?

I just wondered if I knew if I had a chest infection or not!??! After reading peoples post on here, if I do have one I don't want to leave it too long, but then I dont want to go to the docs if its just a cold.

About a week ago I started with an annoying tickly cough, when it started I had some reliever and it settled for 15 mins or so and would then start again so I just put up woth it. At the time I noticed my PF had dropped from 550 to 450 and I had a heavy feeling in my chest. For the last few days I now have more of a chesty cough but it comes and goes. Sometimes its like I need to cough something up but I can't get it (sorry gross I know!!) but when I can get it, its not a gross colour or anything.

I know noone can offer medical advice but any thoughts before I pester the doc??

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I would definitely check in with the doctor.I've got a chest infection now - left it too late going to doctor and as a result on antibiotics and steroids and still feeling pretty awful! Occasionally I've gone thinking I have got an infection, and I havent, but better safe than sorry! Don't worry about pestering the doctor, they are very well paid and that's what they are there for.


Sounds exactly like what i've got and i've just been put on antibiotics and pred, probably worth checking out. I didn't want to go as I went a few days ago and was sent away with a 'double your preventer if you really need to' and i didnt want to go back, but my mum pointed out that as an asthmatic it is always better to be safe than sorry and even if they think its just a cold you might be best on an increase in meds or just a bit of a double check to make sure you're ok.


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