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found a trigger!

I'm new to asthma, in fact I'm still awaiting diagnosis, so am learning more day by day, but yest I found a trigger.

My hubby was out in the garden cutting the grass, later that 'elephant which likes to sit on my chest' arrived and took up residence and brought with it shortness of breath!! Isn't it strange though that for the past 28 years I'd have quite happily sat amongst cut grass!?! It's quite scary really because I don't know what else might do the same, and I wouldn't know what to do!

Also I thought the cold weather was meant to be worse, but I think the warmer weather makes things worse?

Ah well, docs next week so might get more advice/clarity/help

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Triggers are funny things once you have asthma. Over the last year, I've come across many things that previously caused no great problem are now catching me by the throat, so to speak. At one time I was about to blame the fact now on inhaler but no, suspect its just the reasons that, for the past ten years pre diagnosis, had me coughing my head off every day.

With the assistance of steroid inhaler, daily coughing is practically non-existent so triggers show up more easily.


weather as a trigger.

For some people humid/ warm wether can cause problems. Especially thunderstorms as they can bring down pollen which is a trigger for many people with asthma.

For others cold dry weather is much worse as especially in exercise-induced asthma as i think cold air makes it worse.

Basically asthma is a bit wierd but any extreme of weahter can and does trigger asthma. just which types differs from person to person. personally cold dry weather and hot humid weather are both triggers!

hope that makes some sort of sense!


Thanks for this, I guess I'm just gonna keep an eye out to see what else might be a problem in the future!


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