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Advice in reducing meds

Hi there, hope everyone is well.

Just looking for some advice. Since being diagnosed earlier this year, I've tried a number of different medications, eventually after starting on Singulair, I have control and only need ventolin once or twice a week which is much better than the 2-3 times a day. So I'm on Singulair, and 2 puffs of Seretide 125/25 twice a day. So I saw the Asthma nurse and she said, 'brilliant I don't need to see you for a year and when you want you can reduce your Seretide to 1 puff twice a day'

Does this sound right? Its only been under control for a month. How do I know if its still under control, how many times can i use ventolin a week and still be under control? I knwo I should have asked but I didn't think till I'd left!

Thanks in advance

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I think the simplest answer is that as advised try reducing your preventer inhaler and should your asthma return to the status is was previously, requiring daily doses of ventolin then you should increase your preventer and return to see asthma nurse. A controlled asthmatic should barely need to use their reliever inhaler, which is what you are currently doing.


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