I've found recently that whenever I run, I end up with heatburn and sometimes (sorry if TMI) but get a bit of sick in my mouth which irritates my throat and interrupts my breathing. This happens whether I eat before running or not. Also my husband had kindly pointed out I have bad breath despite brushing/flossing/interdental brushing/mouthwashing.

I've just read that people with asthma are more likely to suffer with acid reflux. I just wondered if my sympoms link up with reflux? I don't appear to have any other symptoms. Is there anything I can take OTC or should I see GP? Are my asthma symptoms likely to reduce if it is reflux and I take something to sort it out?

Thanks in advance

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  • unfortunately reflux is one thing we at risk of, more often than not due to meds we take like the prednisolone, and cos of the acidity of the meds we take. you can try OTC meds though see what works, before running if that what worsens symptoms...

    for me though OTC havent worked, so be asking GP for omeprazxole although i hear you can get that OTC so you never knw, thats supposed to be really good.

    hope your not suffering too long and something works. running is good exercise :)


  • I would see your GP. I take Omeprozole and it's been brilliant for me - I have no reflux problems at all now (shame I can't cure the asthma as easily!!)

  • I use Omeprazole capsules and they work very well for me

  • Me and my teenage son get reflux. I take Gaviscon (not regularly, just when reflux is particularly bad) and find it very good. Son was treated as a baby for reflux - one of the drugs he took was Ranatidine (not sure of spelling!) and I have also been on that in the past.

  • symptom help

    I have suffered with this for years and it is because of inhalers and prednisolone. If you are on inhalers take them through a mask spacer breathing in through your nose and out through mouth, also omeprazole is a good capsule to get from the GP. I would recommend you do go to your GP as they need to mark on you records you are having problems with this. I did find my asthma improved once my reflux was under control. The bad breath should improve too, but your GP can prescribe you a mouthwash called Difflam, which is gentle, wont make you wheeze like cortazol and it does not stain your teeth like most mouthwashes. I think boots sell this mouthwash over the counter if you don't want to ask the GP.

    Hope this helps.

    Dee xx

  • only been taking omeprazole 2 days but OMG fantastic!!!!

    x x

  • Has anyone used Domperidone? Dr reckons to try it for a month, it tightens the sphincter at the top of your stomach and moves things through faster. Just wondered if anyone has found it helpful?

  • domperidone

    I've not used it for reflux but I had a lot of problems with nausea and vomiting a couple of years back and it worked better than anything else I tried. I was still sick a lot but was able to keep some of my meals down.

  • i take lansoprozole and have taken omoprezole(doubt they are spelt right lol) as i get reflux all of the time even on a high dose but thats because i have a hiatus hernia. when it is playing up it does affect my asthma. i do sip gaviscon and i am careful of anything that sets it off....hope you are ok x

  • suffer badly from reflux for a while now, found omeprazole to be a miracle drug!! never thought of trying domperidone before i started taking omeprazole, dont think i would ever move away from omeprazole now though...

    in children though, it works great most of the time, depending on the child of course! :)

    x x

  • Thanks for your replies guys. After taking the Domperidone for a week or so now, I think its actually making it worse!! but i'll stick with it for a bit longer to give it a fair chance. Dr said if it doesn't work, I'll have to go for the old camera down the throat as he's not convinced its reflux and more food regurgitating back. So we shall see!

  • Hmmm,

    I suffer quitea bit with reflux.

    Already taking omeprazole,

    So must be down to getting a bit fat.

    As my dear wife suggested

    Howie :)

  • I have only just joined this website and forum, diagnosed only one year ago with exertion induced asthma (which I suspect I have had mildly all my life, but made worse by a bad chest infection last year). I have suffered with gastric reflux and heartburn for a long time and am now prescribed Lansoprazole when the Omeprazole stopped working. The pain is only induced when eating products containing wheat or gluten but I have been tested and do not show as being wheat or gluten intolerant. I had no idea this condition was linked with asthma but it could explain quite a lot! However, only been taking inhalers for a year so it may just be coincidence for me and they don't seem to make it worse. The Lansoprazole is great and relieves symptons by 98% An interesting piece of GP advice was, if the symptoms occasionally occur and I haven't forgotten a tablet, take another one instead of Gaviscon etc as these indigestion remedies hinder the tablets doing their work. Inconveniently the reflux occurs when I am asleep and wakes me suddenly with a horrid feeling of being about to throw up and then of course left with the acid sore throat. An extra tablet does relieve it, just have to make sure I have enough supplies in to have spare ones before the next prescription comes around. Hope this is useful.

  • domperidone and lansoprazole

    i take both of these regularly, i have lansoprazole on prescription for reflux and i buy domperidone OTC when i need to (brand name Motillium) i also have Cyclizine on repeat prescription but i dont like to take it too regularly as it makes me really sleepy, all 3 help with my reflux though

  • Reflux

    Sounds like it. I had simular symptoms but my GP said that she didn't know what to tell me. I went to my TCM doctor and she gave me some herbs that that totally cured it. She told me that the inhalers were damaging my stomach and esophagus lining so I would need to repair them with the herbs she gave me. Traditional Chinese Medicine works by prescribing for the individual so, what she gave me may not be for you - you might have to go to one yourself so they can decide what herbs would help you. I have not had such problems for years now and this was an issue I left untreated for more than 7 years so, don't give up!

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