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Advice Please

Ok so I know I've mentioned this a few times on here, but I'm getting confused and frustrated!!

I was diagnosed with asthma recently, a big trigger for me is exercise. I get tight chest, a stitch feeling in the bottom of my lungs made worse on breathing in, breathe in but don't feel as though there's any air moving and when I stop, my lungs burn and feel itchy inside. I also get phlegmy during running and feel like I'm breathing through a straw.

I take Ventolin before exercise which definately improves things but all the above still happen. So now I'm on Seretide and Montelukast which are both supposed to be great for EIA but I'm still getting the above symptoms when exercising. During the day/night normally, my symptoms are vastly improved on these drugs.

So I'm confused, is it asthma or something else? I'm really not enjoying running now as I get scared coz I can't breathe and I find it frustrating. Am I just pushing myself too hard? Is it just coz I'm unfit? The doc and asthma nurse are no use and can't offer any suggestions, the ventolin helps so thats good enough for them.

Can anyone offer any advice?


***EDIT forgot to say, the nurse wants me to reduce the Seretide now my symptoms are otherwise controlled

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this time of year the colder temperature is murder, so breathe through your nose if the pace allows or wear a buff/scarf over your mouth, I find it helps. But maybe worth trying Intal instead/addition it's and old drug but was and is very effective for EIA but rarely prescribed


Thanks Woody-Som, I'll ask about the Intal, its gotta be worth a try, and I'll dig out my buff to try.


Hope Intal works for u. Have a glass of water handy.... The spray is quite forceful but the texture was clumpy and a bit like talc powder. But that was years ago and before the cfc propellent change. So may be better now !!


Mmmm sounds delightful, thanks for the warning!!


Asthma or Hay fever?

Hello, I am a student from Europe. I returned here at the beginning of September after few months vacation. In April I decided to go home cuz my master was almost over and I wanted to be checked by a specialist in my home country because I was breathing hard and snoring loud. Upon return I scheduled an appointment with an allergologist and the first available date was at the end of July. I spoke with the specialist and I reported a short-breath, sometimes sneezing, nose and mouth itching, sometimes my eyes were red and itchy too (same as if I forget to de-make up). The specialist said that my nose was congested and so my ears even if the patch test was negative to dust, mold, pets hair and grass/plants...The doctor asked me to go for a spyrometric test, x ray of my chest, and RAST and PRIST blod checks. He gave me some nose spray called RINELON (one time per day 2 spray) and an inhaler called Sinestric Turbohaler. I did not take any medicine, especially the inhaler cuz I did not know how to use it and it was hard to undertand. I ask help to my Italian GP but he also opposed to the previous diagnosis and he worried me even more on the use of streroids. Result: I did nor take any medication until one month later, when I could not even go upstairs in my own house and I started coughing every minute. It was very hot outside and my dry cough became very insistent. I just wanted to clear my troat like I had something stuck in it. There was no whisel or mucus but I had to go the the emergency and the doctors prescribed some Ventolin, the UK blue inhaler, and they suggested to wait and do the medical checks before starting a plan to control what I had ( asthma or hay fever, who knows?).In conclusion, the lists of patientc waiting for the spyrometries were too long so I did only the X ray of my chest that resulted negative. I returned to UK and I moved to Buckinghamshire, with my old GP on the other side of London... I was in the school dorms for about a week when upon arrival they sprayed something to clean carpets allover the floor outside my room, again I felt so so bad. I called a number that the farmacy gave me but the person that called me back was asking me to speak louder and insisting on whether or not I was previously diagnosed with asthma. She, made me panic even more cuz I did not know and I could not breath well. Few days later, again I had an attach (without any medicine) and I went to the out of or clinic because this time the lady on the phone was nicer and told me where the place was. I was alone in a new town and not feeling well to roam around a find the clinic at night. I did not know why at night was even getting worst! They doctor at the night clinic check my Italian mecidine but told me to register with a GP, however, everytime I was leaving the dorms and the fumes of these carpets I was feeling better. I finally registerd with a GP and a asthma nurse checked my peak flow that was not too bad according to her. The Rast test was negative, no allergy resulted but I still don't feel well and I got a light pain in my chest, I cough sometimes and my breathing is not excellent. I only would like to know what I have. Is it asthma or hay fever? I am still taking that Italian nasal spray RINELON 50 micrograms but only spray one per nostril one time a day (kids dose) the chemical element is Mometasone Furoato Monoidrato 50 micrograms. I am also taking the brown inhaler 100, 2 puffs twice a day (chemical element: Beclometasone Dipropionato). I started the therapy a week ago but soon, when my nasal spray will be over, I will have to replace it with Beconase Aqueous Nasal spray which is basically the same medicine of that I inhale in the brown inhaler Beclometasone Dipropionato. The nurse adviced 2 puffs twice a day (but she said I could also do 1 puff twice a day). I was wondering how much Beclometasone Dipropionato I should take per day if I take it twice, through inhaler and nasal spray. Last question, people always told me not to stop the steroids, including the nasal spray, all together but gradually. I will have to replace my old spray with a new that going to have any negative effect on me? Is that any other patient taking the beclometasone dipropionato through the inhaler and through nasal spray together? How long this therapy will last now? I am worried because I do not have a diagnosis and I am not in my home country...Any suggestion please...feel free!Thank you very much to this helpful site


Miss Italy

Miss Italy,

I have sent you a private message


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