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splitting 40mg pred


Does anyone know if you can split the 40mg pred into two doses ie take 4 tablets in the morning and 4 in the afternoon - so you have a slower release of it and cortisol in the system? I ask as have low cortisol at the moment as adrenals are asleep and I find the 40mg is like been on a high as I get wired awake and indegestion problems.

Am seeing cons this week but just wondered if anyone had any opinions on this before I see him- i have a chest infection at mo.



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I split my pred dose in to and ahve one at 8 i the morning and another at 5. I split a 70mg dose into two lots. However this was done under the recommendation of a specialist because I get very bad night time symptoms. The problem I find with splitting the dose and according to the specialist is that the side effects are the pred are increased when you split the dose which isnot ideal and as a result I ahve even more difficulty sleeping etc.

Please dont split the dose yourself. Speak to your consultant or gp and see what they have to say first and follow their advice as it is not very common to ahve the dose split.



Hi Olive

Thanks for this much appreciated.

I was tempted to split this morning but didn't:-) and will chat with cons tomorrow. It sounds like splitting makes effects longer so prob not a good idea for me to split anyhoo.

Thank you so much.



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