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I am mildly asthmatic and fairly fit. I have started excercising more strenuously during the last two weeks and take my reliever before excercise. Yesterday I went on a bike ride without taking the preventer. This morning I forgot to put the inhaler in my bag but during excercise my heartbeat werent up high. Also I seem to have a lot of mucus. I am still feeling a bit strange. Any comments please.

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hi susan, nice to see another cyclists. I use to take the reliever before exercise, but have noticed that I don't need to so don't, again like you only mildly asthmatic, but still take the ventolin with me. Lots of mucus is common at this time of year due to the cold air, or you may possibly have a slight cold, like most of us. The high heat rate is something I can relate to, I wouldn't worry about that too much, as long as you feel fine, and listen to your body, my HR has shown 268 and that was while coasting down a hill. Am I right in thinking today you went to a gym? If so air con can be a problem, or you may be fighting off an infection, and the heat in the gym doesn't help, plus you could be pushing it a little to hard to start with.


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