is it normal to have mucus daily?!

im getting confused as to whether it is a good thing that my lungs are trying to shift the constant mucus thats on my chest ot whether it is something constantly irritating my lungs to cause the mucus to be produced...

im on mucodyne to...could this be causing it?!

im trying to work out whether my constant cough is an ""asthmatic cough"" or a genereal ""oi mucus pack ur bags im kicking you out"" cough or if this is the same :S


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  • Mucus

    Difficult to say really - I am still coughing up daily since 22/7, and am still on 1.5mg prednisolone. When I am well I don't cough up muck every day.

    Maybe something else is triggering your cough?

  • im thinking it may be something else triggering...ive cut lots of stuff out of my daily life already and even tried no dairy thinking it my help... before my big flare up this year, i never used to have it...

  • Are you taking Carbocsistine every day or for flair ups? my lungs get lot of mucus and constantly in my throat.You could check out if nasil drip that can cause it also as goes down back of throat .love glynis x

  • Yh im on that medication 750mg three times a day!!

    ive had a camera shoved up my nose and down my the back of my throat and they didnt mention any problems then...would it have shown up then?!


  • I produce too much and it makes me choke. Wish it could be disolved in some way.


  • Sorry this reply is going to be a bit graphic in description but yes its normal I think, as the narrowed tubes in your lungs over-produce mucus to compensate (I think I read that somewhere). I always have it - worse when have a chest infection or a cold. Its bad in the morning as its all pooled on my chest in the night so have to cough and snort it out otherwise it ends up in my tummy and too much, especially if infected makes me feel sick. of course there are some situations where you cough, espeically at work or in public that you can't discreetly spit into a tissue and so there is no choice but to swallow it. I think sticky mucus generally goes with asthma as your body's natural reaction to the condition. Observe the colour - if you have a chest infection it can go very dark green or brown and much thicker so is harder to shift but it should normally be paler in colour. An antihistamine tablet a day helps me with rhinitis and prevents the nasal drip down the back of my throat. Hope this helps, just my personal experience of course. Karen.

  • thanx KEB...and not to graphic :D

    im glad it is kind of normal though, was starting to worry that something else was starting to go on...i notice it worse though when I eat dairy or wheat this also normal!?


  • Charlie, I don't notice any changes with different foods but everyone's individual in that respect. I can't eat any wheat products without my gastric inhibitor (Lansoprazole 30mg daily) otherwise get horrendous reflux, so I honestly don't know if increased mucus is diet related or not. I've been tested and am not allergic or intolerant to wheat or gluten, but if I miss a tablet boy do I know about it!


  • Sometimes when you eat certain foods (dairy, spicy etc) your saliva thickens so you mistake it for mucus. Or it could be just be mucus!

    If your lungs get irritated trying to clear the mucus you could always ask to see a chest physio who could give you helpful tips.


  • I know what you mean with the whole gastric thing, i get the same, and unfortunatly my gastric reflux triggers my asthma...i was being sicks a few weeks back and ended up going into an attack, that was scary and hard, trying to go between the two!! wouldnt recommend it haha...

    thank fully, mine isnt as hard to shift since been on mucodyne which is making it less sticky for me...just got lots off!

    Thanx again!


  • Flutter

    After having to be admitted to hospital for the first time with a chest infection I am still coughing up tons of muck every day.

    I have been to the chest physio who gave me a 'flutter' this is a fantastic gadget which you use alongside breathing techniques to get rid of the stuff deep in your lungs. She also showed me how to do auto-genic drainage (least i think that's what it's called) and some postural drainage.

    It is time consuming and I don't do it every day but it does help if you make the effort.

    I have had to learn to get in touch with my secretions! They are a response to the damage in the lungs of an asthmatic and a pain in the neck, but there doesn't seem to be anything around that helps. Some drugs thin the mucus but don't diminish it so I don't see the point of taking those.

    I have very little dairy in my diet, and have even now cut out eggs as I wonder if they are making my sinus' over-active.

    It isn't easy- we get self-conscious about it, but it is better out than in!

  • whats this flutter gadget!?

    I totally agree with the mucus thining comment....although not having sticky mucus does seem a lot easier to cough up!


  • I do AD too. Quite tricky to learn, you have to concentrate til you get the hang of it. You need to be taught it by a resp physio but there is a good description on this site which I use as a refresher

    It's much better than a lot of violent coughing which gives you headaches etc


  • this is the flutter valve, tho most people now use the slightly improved ""acapella"" type of flutter which provides some resistance as well as vibration

    why not ask for an appt with the chest physio at your local hosp & they can recommend the best way for you to clear your mucus


  • Thanx, il check those websites out when next on pc!

    And i definatly think i should c 1 as the who constant coughing of trying to shift it is taking its toll now, and its getting harder for working out actual beginin onset of asthma symptoms for me! :(

    thanx x

  • I'm getting that 'mucus is there but won't come up' feeling.

    Supposed to be seeing physio on Monday so hope as well as teaching me how to breathe she can do something about dislodging the mucus. Definitely think it would be worth it for you Charlie, surprised they haven't suggested it for you yet.

  • Each time im in costa they get me to see physio and physop say the sane thing...your to poorly for me to do anything sorry...only time ive had a fantastic physio is up im ITU shame they cant stick with me the whole admission and then do follow ups really...thankfully i see my cons weekly at the mo so ill ask him to refer me next week...hes goimg to think im very demanding after i got all emotional on him last week because ive had enough!! Oops


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