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Ok so ive have this cough for the good part of 6 months now, constant mucus, constant shortness of breath, peak flows now getting to the point they are no longer picking up, not managing to sleep as chest constantly being an irritant at night, constant feeling of my chest being tight and totally dependant on my friends and family because of not beinf able to breath...this is all despite being on loads of medication...

Is there any suggestions out there of ways i can talk to my consultant about things, and bright ideas of how i could get things to settle down again or any methods/alternative you can think of that will generally help me try and get a remotly normal life back!!??

I know this year i have had the worst flare up in years and it just isnt settling and now getting to the point i am getting extremly frustrated with not being able to act like a normal-ish 20 year old...surly its not right!!

Thought and suggestions would be greatly appreciated...

FYI this is by far no way an emergency...despite above description...just need advice from people who have potentially been in same or similar situation

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You could be describing my asthma symptoms there, you poor thing, I know how you must be feeling.

My consultant told me this year that there is nothing more he can do for me so my GP trying to get a future treatment plan put together which include me going to the Royal Brompton Hospital in London. Maybe that could be a way forward for you.


My cons has said exactly the same, said im on maximum treatment and nothing more they can do...surly if im on maximum treatment then symptoms should be disapearing...not persistantly getting worse...it doesnt make sense....i asked about sub cut salbutamol and they said they dont recommend...yet im needing nebs every 2 hours roughly...


My Consultant also told me I needed home nebuliser and sub cut Bricanyl treatment so at the moment I am awaiting various decisions between GP.

It can be so frustrating can't it.


Im half tempted to set up cameras around my house and take them to cons so they can see me on day to day basis...ive told cons im willing to try absolutly anything now as long as i can me life back...im even willing to put up with side effects of drugs if it means i can breath normally...

Whats getting to me the most is there now not really listening...my mum has even come with me to clinic and been there when docs see me as an impatient and told them how i am!

When my mum saw me today, straight away she could tell i wasnt right and that was with me just sat on sofa having done nothing all day...she says looking past how im struggling to breath, i look like death, i no longer have colour in my cheeks, im constantly an ashen colour and i just dont look human, she also says i physically look exhausten...an i mean if my mum is noticing that surly the docs should be seeing that it isnt right!! Ggrr rant over!!


I know how you feel, the doctor told me I looked good the other day and I told him I wish I felt good instead I feel like I'm being suffocated constantly and I don't know how much more I can take. I'm so tired and desperately want to sleep but asthma won't let me and I can hear everyone else sleeping soundly and wish I could be like that too x


so sorry youre having such a hard time of it, Charlie-Warlie (and asthmagirl). the only thing i can think of is a bronchothermoplasty, although i think you have to not have had a severe attack/intubation for at least six months to be eligible to this. sorry this probably really isnt any help, but i really feel for you, i feel almost lucky in comparison. all the best, hugs!



Unfortunatly today proved that i am where near like i used to be...all i did was went to visit a friend with my mum and i was exhausted after a few hours...needed 5 nebs so far today and have had two naps through exhaustion...ive looked into the thermoplasty and it looks really scary so worried about suggesting it...my mum had a theory about the sub cut though that because i get relief from the sally nebs surly if i had sub cut i would have constant relief and then i wouldnt have to constantly have to worry about needing to take nebs every few hours...not entirly sure how sub cut works though!?!?


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