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Help advice needed please

My daughter got discharged from hospital last week after being diagnosed with asthma,the doctor prescribed her with clenil modulite 200 and to inhale 2 Puffs twice a day. When I read the leaflet it clearly says that it is not suitable for children so I phoned the hospital for advice,they told me to go straight there to the pharmacist so they could change the label because it should have been 1 puff twice a day!

Im quite angry and feel let down by the nhs,im just lucky that i read the leaflet because not every parent does.

If my daughter who has just turned 4 would of carried on with the first dosage that was described would there of been any damage to her?

Would like advice as im unsure whether to put a formal complaint in

Thank you

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I think you should speak to the doctor who presribed the medication if you can. My son has asthma and whilst he was in hospital he was prescribed medication that was not licensed for his age group but due to the severity of his illness it was prescribed. Obviously I dont know if this is the situation with your daughter but sometimes hospital consultants can do this.

It may be worth complaining as even if this was the case, it should have been explained to you.

Hope this helps


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