air2 trial

Hi would be very interested to hear if anyone else who post here is on this trial, or was on the previous trial. This is a 3rd phase trial for a new proceedural treatment for asthma. It uses bronchial thermoplasty to reduce the smooth muscle of the lungs. the hope is that it will enable you to reduce the amount of steriods that you use. It is being run on 300 moderate to severe asthmatics worldwide, and the criteron for inclusion are quite strict. I am in the base-line period where they decide if they want you or not. there are quite a few UK hospitals who are participating. As it requires quite a number of visits, only about 20 people will be recruited from each hospital. Before I got involved I asked if I could to talk to anyone who had had the treatment, and the hospital were unwilling to give me any contacts on the basis of privacy. So if anyone out there has heard of this, or is involved, or had treatment on the previous trial which was done at the brompton I would love to share info. It anyone else would like to know more, type air2 trial into google.

cheers RI


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