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peak flow meter really help?


i am new to asthma, however, my peak flow standard is around 630. but i can reach that even before i take any treatment and now with one week reliever (which stop taking now) and a few days preventer, my peak flow reach 680 - 720. still suffer sometime. do not understand. any one can help?

and i have difficult to breath (not very serious) and some cough(at the night) which i concern are symptoms, but how is attack like as i am quite worry about that cause i do nto know. please answer me.


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Peak flow is used as a guide to whether your asthma is improving or deteriorating. Everyone's peakflow rate is different even for people of the same height and weight. There are a lot of factors contributing to it like technique. The preventer and reliever should help to improve your peak flow generally but as the reliever starts to wear off your lungs could take a dip. It will take a while for the preventer to work properly on your lungs. Give it a month and you should notice an improvement.


Hello -""ni hao!"" – and welcome to AUK Tigerlidi

Angela has given you some good advice about using your inhalers.

If you are experiencing a cough or ‘slight breathlessness’ at night it is because your asthma is not controlled. So you need to ensure you use your reliever inhaler in the evening as well as your preventer inhaler.

Make sure you use your reliever inhaler first, then use your preventer inhaler.

The drug in the reliever inhaler will open up the airways and allow more of the preventer drug to reach the smaller airways and reduce the inflammation that causes your symptoms. You should start to notice a difference quite quickly if you adopt this strategy.

I’ve included a web ref link if you want more info about pf rates.


It is extremely useful to keep a pf diary, especially if you are new to asthma.

However your pf is just a tool if you like in being able to manage your asthma.

Being aware of your symptoms and whether they get worse or better in different environments is also important.

What part of China are you from?




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