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Hi Guys,

I've been having a few problems sleeping (not asthma related), and I know lavender is meant to help people getting to sleep. I googled it and asthma and found different responses. Some places say that it shouldn't be let near asthmatics and other people say that it is a wonder drug to do as steam inhalation in the middle of a splatt.

Im really confused over this, and wanted to know what you all thought?


Vicky x

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Hi there

I am a huge fan of using herbal medicines where possible, although I should say that these should only be used in conjunction with the go-ahead by a doctor. Lavender is a great all-round herb, and has been used to help sleeplessness and insomnia for millenia. It helps to calm the body and relax, and is often found in relaxing teas and pillows.

I am asthmatic and use lavender quite regularly, either in a pouch placed under my pillow, as drops of essential oil placed on my pillow, or even in biscuits (yes, the dried form is fine to eat). However, this is not to say that it is suitable for all asthmatics, just as some triggers will set off some asthmatics and not others.

If i were you, i would consult either my GP or a qualified medical herbalist as to whether or not you should use lavender, but in my experience I have never experienced symptoms, or heard anyone else experiencoing symptoms, from using lavender.

Hope this helps



If you do use lavender, make sure it is genuine pure essetial oil as some cheap bottles have synthetic scents in them which can upset asthma.

Like all potential allergens - some people are fine, others not!

Kate, who likes Lavender.


I have to avoid it as much as I possibly can. Unfortunately the hosptital I work in is surrounded by it so am an interesting site arriving at work when it is flowering.

If it is not a trigger for you then try it.



do you know any tips on how to control your asthma during the day when your at school? because my school do not believe me that am astmatic and they leave me and thne it effects me at night do you have any tips on how to controll it at night? thanks you sammy x


You could try a light clock that gradually gets darker. Avon have a cheap one coming out (£9.50 demo price) or Lumie do good ones. My Lumie one I can use as a bedside lamp if I can't sleep and it helps.

Although I never though my insomia was related to my asthma, it's much better since my treatment changed.

Music helps too - I like the Harry Potter soundtracks.

I love lavendar but I use it on good days in the bath and not on my pillow any more.


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