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Hey all, as much of a fan of being able to nebulise at home as I am just wondering if anyone else finds it makes their lungs/chest 'feel more vulnerable'?

I know this probably sounds absolutely bonkers, but I am used to sounding bonkers on here now! after a less then useless appointment with Dr on thursday after being sent home where he didn't ask or do PF, SAT or listen to my chest but said that steroids have side effects (blow me down, did anyone else know this?) so didn't want to put them back up from 35mg and to just hit it hard with nebs.

I was trying to explain to him that with the amount I had had over night and through thte day that they actually make me feel more susceptibel sometimes and definitely increase cough and decrease ability to sleep which he said was his main prescription!

Does anyone else find that although nebulisers are amazing in themselves and allowing you to breathe, that they actually make you fell more sensitive, twitchy, vulnerable? I don't know if I can explain it. Well another intended short post became another ramble, sorry peeps xx

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May have got the wrong idea of your thread here, but I find when I've been on nebs in hospital, my normal triggers get to my chest twice as bad as they usually would do before.


No, that is what I am saying really, I feel like I should be in a bubble and being told to just go home and use more makes me feels really susceptible.


Reliever nebs such as Ventolin and Bricanyl will open up your lungs well ( well most of the time) but then it can leave you more vulnerable to triggers - the airways are wider but they are still twitchy.

I assume you take a good dose of steroid preventers which will help dampen down the twitchyness caused by inhaled triggers such as pollen.

The lungs reaction to a foreign particle is to shut down the airways (narrow them) to prevent the trigger getting any further in and producing gunk to catch the particles. Cough mechanism also tries to help expel the invaders........ therefore dilating the lungs with a neb will open the gate so to speak!

The pred will help with the inflamation but using lots of nebs without real guidance is not that clever a plan. I assume you know when to get help. eg nebs don't last more than a certain time.

Neb overuse can be dangerous without good guidance from your consultant. Prevention is better than nebbing silly. Sometimes pred is the only answer in the short run..........

Basically without pred, I wouldn't be here, though I have lots of side effects now, bones, stomach and recently it has trashed my muscles & tendons....... but I am still here and breathing.... sort of!

Hope this helps




That does all make sense thanks Kate, am on good inhalers (apparently!!) and 35 pred at the mo, basically the GP said he didn't want ot up it and that I should neb more and didn't seem to get or want to hear what I was saying about the twitchiness. Oh well, only 2 weeks to go till cons appt.

Just glad they do work and that I am not experiencing something suggesting they are working less or something.


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