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Worried - Chest pain

Hi all,

I am new in the forum. I was diagnosed with Asthma last year (I'm 28 years old) after some worrying attacks. Apparently last year, I developed a strange type of allergy to the temperature changes (from cold to hot and viceversa, air conditioning etc) that causes me asthma along with the usual symptoms of an allergy.

Also, since then, I've got almost a constant pain on the right side of my chest, it is always the right side, and when i deeply breathe seems to be located in one point of my lungs just behind my right breast (sorry for the word). I would like to know if this is a normal symptom of Asthma as it is been only a year since I develope this or this is something that it does not have to go with Asthma at all.


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sounds like intercostal pain,,,


can you please explain


can you please explain what intercostal pain is


I'd be massively surprised if anyone with medical training attempted to diagnose someone they'd never met via a post on a message board!

Please, go and see your GP.





tis pain coming from the muslces that are between your ribs, i have the same pain i am consent pain killers and morphine some of the time for it! my consultant said becuase my diaphrgam and intercostal muscles are working so hard constantly to pull air through my poor chest they strain, but becuase they have to work all the time they never get time to rest and recovery so i have got it for ever lol!

if you r worried go and see your doctor!""


rob x x


I agree with PeakSteve, please do go and see your doctor.

For the record ""Intercostal"" means between (inter) the ribs (costal) - so it describes where your pain is, nothing more, it's not a diagnosis as such.

Good luck with your doc



Thanks to everybody. I've had no much luck with my GP. First time I went there she just listened to me while having a coffee and just said, ""you have hayfever"" and gave me prescription for hayfever pills.

The fact is that during my holidays in Spain i saw a doctor there and they made the allergy tests and blood tests and i had no hayfever, but allergy to temperature changes.

Then i came back to the GP in London, as I was having very strong attacks and i started with asthma (for the first time in my life) and she gave me prescription for reliever and allergy pills. I am afraid if I come back to this GP they only thing I will do is just wasting my time...

Whan can be the causes for intercostal pain?



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