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anyone here have a trachy?

Hi all

Have just been discharged from hos after a 9 week stay, 6 of those in the ITU. Becasue I was on the vent for so long they gave me a trachyotomy which was removed a couple of weeks ago.

Since then my voice is terrible and i just wanted to know if anyone else has had one of these and if it damaged there voice.

I am being refered to speech therapy but really dont know what thats going to do for me or how it will stop me from sounding like darth vadar!!

many thanks for any replies

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Ribena sorry you been so poorly and have a prety rough time but hopefully your on the mend now.

I had a trachy 3 yrs ago and im afraid the sexy husky voice i like to call it does last a good few months, and the longer the tracy was in the longer the recovery, but stick with the speech therepy it will help.

Just think you can get a new career on the chat lines!!! thats what y family used to say to me!!

love and prayers hunny

Andrea xxx


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