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Worst attack yet - what do I do now?

I have asthma but whenever I've had an attack before my inhaler's worked fine & I've been ok. I developed a cough and sore throught overnight?! so felt a bit rough this morning. Today at work I was feeling really wheezy for a good few hours but my inhaler didn't really help. I stupidly carried on (work on self scan in supermarket) cos I felt bad about making them short staffed etc. anyway it got worse so I went and sat down in the office and kept taking my inhaler as usual but it wasn't working. Was quite scared and shakey - got pins and needles and dizzy. This was def my worst attack yet and really scary.

anyway, the point of this message is what do I do now? I still have this horrible chesty cough and it's definately harder to breathe than normal. don't want to bother anyone but it was kinda scary and I'm guessing someone will know.


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If you can't breathe and your inhaler does not help you need to seek urgent medical attention, go to A&E.

Asthma UK's guidelines on asthma attacks can be found here



If no improvement after taking your medicines you need to get seen asap. Because asthma doesn't settle by itself. Take care.



Hi zippi,

i would go to AnE if you are breathless and also a visit to the docs or asthma nurse to

review your asthma meds as might need a add on treatment .

Good luck love Glynis x


Been put on 30mg pred for a week and antibiotics. Hopefully will help x


Thanks I've managed to make an appointment for this afternoon. Hopefully they'll actually listen to me x


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