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Advice pleasey - not used to bad asthma

So up until a few months ago my asthma was nothing. Mild, just had ventolin and the odd wheeze/attack every now and then. Recently, it's started getting much worse. I've been using my inhaler much more, having asthma attacks and just generally really struggling. I've never been on a preventer but I was prescribed a course of pred and antibiotics from a different doctor to my normal one a month or so ago.

Anyway, the last two or three days I've been using my inhaler more and more. At work today it was helping for 30 mins - an hour or so at a time but not a lot. I've been really struggling but not full-blown attack, just finding it hard and a persistant wheezy cough - should I just wait till monday and try and make a doctor's appointment or is there anything else I can do?

Thanks, Zippi xxx

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hi zippi.sounds like you need a asthma med review with your doc or asthma nurse asap.If you need help over weekend go to walkin centre or A n E if need Glynis x


Cool thanks glynis. I always worry because my doctor's very much a get on with it kind of guy. Not a fan of doctors :/ xxx


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