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IV Hydrocortisone

Has anybody been on IV Hydrocorisone? My asthma's getting worse and my consultant says he isn't sure anymore about what to give me that will actually work. I've been on antibiotics and very high prednisolone for the last month-I'm normally on pred daily and its been suggested that I have the IVs. Oh also, can anybody give me any info on symbicort/bricanyl infusions-I don't know anything about either although I did work in a pharmacy for 12 months

Thanks Hannah x

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Hannabella, first of all I would suggest you ask your cons for a referal to one of hte dificult asthma specialist centres. I don't know where you are based but there will be one somewhere or ask for a referal to the Royal Brompton (RBH) if you would rather. Wacking someone onto infusions should be pretty much a last resort. You have not mentioned if you take theophyllin (Slo-phyllin or Phyllocontin) if you do it might be worth seeing if your levels are theraputic if you take it (blood test) . Have you tried singular (montelukast) it is very effective especillly but not exclusivly in allergic asthma.

For the 2nd part of your question re infuctiosn:

I am sure the experts on bricanyl infussions wil be along soon in the mean time from a novice: Bricanyl is delivered (there a few excpetions) via a small pump sub cutanaiously which means under the skin. You have to site a needle or use a sof-set yourself every few days, you draw up and load the syringe in the pump yourself too. Bricanyl or sometimes salbutamol opens the airway, I was told that all asthmatics would notice a difference if on S/C (sub cutunanious) bricanyl however, it carries risks and side effects ands is by its very nature invasive. At the RBH they do a trail over 2 weeks where they give you either the drug or a placebo and they measure the clinical data to see if it having the desired impact. Thay aslo will ask you which days you thought you got the drug and which you thought you did not. If there is cinical evidence that S/C works for you then you remain on it. I think as it is so invasive and as drugs like bricanly are lets face pretty dangerous and it is almost a last line of treatment (although I suspect the RBH would have other things probably more invasive they could try) you have to demostrate a clear improvement when on the drug, For example I went from back to back nebbing anywhere between 4-10 nebs each morning to only needing one or 2 the impact that has had on my life is beyond measure and far out weighs the inconvience of carrying the pump, loading and putting in the line. You might want to take a look at the thread on here about S/C certainly the latter posting will give you some idea about impact of S/C and some of the issues around it.



HI Hannabella

Can only taotally agree with Bex about the IV hydrocortisone! (can't comment on the other bit because I don't know enough)

Try you best for a referal to a specialist centre, My last trip to local costa has me on IV HydroC, bacame totally steroid dependent and thankfully got moved to RBH. Don't want to worry you about the steroid dependent bit but I'm sure you know the more steroids you have the harder it is to decrease them.

All I can say is that was FEb 06 and now I'm not on ANY steroids at all, just have to put up a bit of a fight, not easy when you don't feel well but maybe someone could fight your corner....good luck



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