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Ciclesonide v beclazone for singers

I'm a singer and have recently been diagnosed with asthma. Am on steroid tablets (again), brown, green and blue inhalers. Don't feel my asthma was under control so have asked to take steroid tabs again, on advice of the Asthma adviceline nurse. I've found that Beclazone has really affected my voice badly, and the adviceline nurse said try Ciclesonide as it only activates once it reaches the lungs and doesn't therefore coat the vocal chords with active steroids. Are there any singers out there who can give me some advice? I'm tempted to forgoe my brown inhaler on concert days, to give my voice a chance of sounding OK, as I think it bounces back pretty quickly, though I know this isn't really a good idea. Any experience other pro singers have had would be very helpful, as I'm doomed to keep taking the medication until it's all under control, but having difficulty performing with a cracked-sounding voice.

Thanks. Sarah

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Do you have a spacer device if the inhaler is an MDI - an aerosol one?

That would be much better as more of the drug goes into the lungs.

Also slower breaths when breathing it in means more goes in.

Think of the drug as a car going round the bend. Too fast and it hits the back of the throat, too slow and it grinds to a halt in the mouth & throat. Just right and it goes round the corner into the lungs.

Also rinse your mouth after using your inhaler, I remember to take it before cleaning my teeth which helps.

You can get a device called a 2tone trainer inhaler ( google 2tone) which will 'sing' a single note (If I remember right) when you get your inhaled breath correct.

The able spacer also whistles when you inhale incorrectly too! Available on prescription.

Please don't stop using your preventer!



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