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Medical ID bracelet

Getting bored of my medical bracelet so been surfing net for other. Found a great UK site called ""Universal Medical ID"" and ordered a lovely figaro bracelet with a silver heart charm hanging from it. Heart has medical symbol on one side and engraved details on the other. It is fab. Looks much more like ""normal"" jewellery than my old medical bracelet and quite good value compared to other companies. £32 pound for sterling silver bracelet with heart charm.

Decided to treat myself! It's worth having a look. Also can buy individual charms to put on keys, nebulizer bag etc. Very handy.

Well worth a look

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I got bored of mine so asked a friend to make beaded chains they have two hooks so hook onto whatever existing emergency charm you have.

Have now got a pink, green, black and very multi coloured bracelets for different moods!!


where do you get your charms from marmite?? I had been using medic alert but find them quite expensive, esp with the annual subscription on top of everything. Used to have an SOS Talisman but medics never bothered unfolding the paper inside it to read it! I have to say that they did often look at my medic alert one by turning it over. I hope my ""Universal Medical ID"" charm will be just as useful.


Use the sos talisman one have the bracelet double ended one.

A+E and paramedics always look at it esp as i usually can't speak, but can usually point to bracelet when being asked do you have asthma??? or pull bit of paper out before they get there!

Mine doesn't have the standard bit of paper in it but has all my meds, allergies and says i may need adrenaline etc as well as hospital number. It's worked well for me on many occasions!


thanks for the web-site, I looked at it and ordered one as they are much nicer looking and as you say cheaper than medic alert!



They are cool, I particularly like the heart charm bracelets as they are more like ""normal"" jewellery and, well, a girls got to think of her image!! Esp when you have to wear it every day!!


id sportbands

hi thanks for info i weare a tailsman but my daugter hates it and she is meant to weare one to. does have one but will not have it on ,this site they do sportbands flowers hearts with small disc that you can put whats wrong with you. shes hooked ordered it yesreday even with a littlie medical charm pluss can thread her tailmen on to the clip so a big thank you for that information


No problem! Never got a chance to look at the children's products. Must have a nosy!


I just ordered one too. Amazed at how much info you can get on the bracelets. I've been with medic alert for a while but you don't get much on their bracelets. I've managed get the full name of my lung condition on there (interstitial lung disease) which in itself is amazing plus another 7 lines of information on a double sided bracelet.

Thanks for sharing.

Tks xx


Gosh, that's good. My heart charm bracelet has 5 lines of info on it which is quite good.


Here's hoping that the Universal Medical ID bracelets are as good as they sound as I've just ordered a heart charm bracelet and a discounted sportsband. I used to have an SOS Talisman necklace years ago but it didn't exactly look cool. I like the idea that my bracelet will have 2 functions - the medical bit and the jewellery bit.


I received my silver heart charm bracelet last week and am really pleased with it. It has the medical symbol on one side and if you were looking straight at it, it would be easy to recognize.

However, from a distance it just looks like a pretty charm bracelet and a bit more like ""normal jewellery""! I also like the idea that you can have more than one charm on it. It can fit 5 short lines of text on the back so I managed to get brittle asthma/analhylaxis/carries epipen, but my allergies are to antibiotics with long names so I have ordered a second heart charm with my allergies on it. I can just attach the second heart to the same bracelet.

Definitely a good buy and much more reasonable pricewise than medic-alert


Ordered mine...can't wait til it comes.

I ordered the silver braclet with the heart charm and also a strap braclet for £4.99 I think it was becasue I'd ordered one the second one was on offer.

Thanks for the link


no probs. Glad you like it.


Just received my silver heart charm medical id bracelet, and cut price sportsband from Universal Medical ID and the quality is fab. I'm so glad I ordered it, and at first glance it looks like ordinary jewellery so I don't feel self conscious about wearing it.



yes, I got mine last week and am really pleased with it. The heart bracelets are really pretty.


I was also getting bored of my medical id bracelet. I know at the moment the boring, plain ones are more recognisable to medical staff but why should this be? Why can´t i wear a pretty bracelet i have asthma, doesn´t mean i cant be trendy. I´ve been buying my new bracelets from and i´m thrilled to bits with them. Since i started wearing them lots of people have commented about how nice they are and that gives me an easy, less awkward way of letting people know about my asthma and what they should do if i have a crisis. I have several bracelets and i change them depending on my outfit. So much happier now. : )



My bracelet is a sos talisman and the strap is a expanding bracelet.

its realy nice so wont fall off and can put all my details inside and change

details as I need to.

Glynis x


I have an SOS Talisman one - got myself a nice silver one as I wear it all the time and it goes with most things. I like the fact that it's easy to change the details if needed plus it's all there, someone doesn't have to call a number for info and potentially waste vital time.

I also have a Velcro strap one with a small waterproof strip inside for basic info - I wear this when swimming, but can't find the site I got it from which is annoying as I need some replacement strips.

There are some really nice ones about, my only concern is that they may not easily e recognisable as medical bracelets, and as one of my medical conditions can cause unconsciousness, I need something easily recognisable.

Reply bit cheaper than some I priced plus like the wrist strap this covers infection control policy. As only allowed to wear a watch at work.


I use they have interchangable bits just change the tag and have loads of normal bracklets


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