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Asthma and BCG

I can't remember if i've talked/asked about this before but i don't think i have.

I was talking with my mum a while back about my asthma and she said she thought it had taken a nose-dive shortly after i'd had my BCG vaccination. I've always had asthma so I'm not looking to blame it on the vaccination but I do remember it suddenly getting a lot worse around this time and I was wondering if anyone else had had similar experiences? also, does anyone know of ajy research that may have been done into this? Just interested, that's all.


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Hi Becky sorry to hear you are in Costa hopefully you'll escape 2mrw. I've had asthma for most of my thirty years and yes mine did get worse after my BCG. I am an Identical twin and my sisters also did.The strange thing is my daughter who is 5 had her BCG when she was 1( as my husband had TB when he was younger) and her asthma was very mild until then. Now she has brittle asthma and spends a week in hospital every 6 weeks. When I asked her consultant about it she didn't deny there was a connection but she said that research was being done. They've now stopped giving it to all teenagers.Only immigrants and people travelling to high risk areas receive it now. Good Luck for tomorrow .Nikki xx


gosh, that's really interesting, though of course i'm sorry to hear how it's affect you and your family. i wonder what research is being done - what it was that you cons mentioned. i wonder if others have similar stories to tell


I don't remember what happened when i had my BCG, far too many years ago but my daughter's asthma wasn't any different to before it but then they nearly didn't give it to her as she was a partial positive reaction.

Ange xx


Never really thought about it before, but I developed asthma when I was fourteen, and I had my BCG when I was fourteen. Not sure of the exact temporal relationship, just know that they both happened in the same year. I've always connected it more with my periods, which also arrived in that year (as discussed extensively on another thread!). I guess a lot of things happened in that year, difficult to know what is related and what is just coincidental. Incidentally my asthma did not turn into brittle asthma for another 4 - 5 years after that.

I did have a bad reaction to my BCG; I got a big abcess that then got secondarily infected. I always blamed the school nurse: she went too deep and did it IM rather than intradermally. Painful!

An interesting topic... thanks for bringing it up BeckyG. I might have to head to Medline and see what comes up!

Take care all

Em H


that is interesting. I was diagnosed asthmatic when I was fifteen, but I think had had it a few years. but did get worse around the time i was diagnosed which would have been round about when I had my bcg. If you find anything on medline would you let us know emily?



seeing as i am not really in the concentrating mood this am, I had a wee look on medline - seems some folk thought about using bcg to treat asthma, but others think it makes it worse - no definate conclusion from what i could find.



looking back at things I can say that the deterioation in my asthma certainly speeded up around the time I had my BCG. Is certainly an interesting idea to look into.



I can't recall my then mild asthma being any worse after my BCG a milion years ago. All my kids have had the BCG Mads had her this year she has mild asthma and it is no worse. Mike who had dreadful asthma as a child but who was much improved at the time he had his BCG did not seem to get any worse.

It is worth remembering that BCG is given at the start of a ""high stress"" period for kids just as they are entering or have just started their GCSE's it is far more likely the stress of this will kick asthma off, I would have thought.



Just found this link on AUK main site

Thought it might be of interest to you.


Steph xxx

ps you will need to delete the space in it.


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