Methotrexate minor side-effects

I quick question for those of you on Methotrexate ...

I just started it last week and since then I've been getting quite a lot of headaches. I've been given folic acid to help with this (taking it once a week 3 days after methotrexate day), but I'm wondering how long these will take to settle. Or, in fact, if they will settle and it's just something I'll have to put up with from now on?



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  • Just bumping this up for my own sake and the possibility of replies.

  • Sorry not much help but i had headaches when on methotrexate but not daily usually the day after i took it, which is when i got all my side effects, they continued while on it but were relieved with simple paracetamol. Could it be a coinsidence of timing and actuallly another reason for headaches? hormones? Just a thought.

    If it definatley is the methotraxate you then have to weigh up the side effects versus the positive effects?

    sorry no more help

    Andrea xxx

  • Thanks for the reply Andrea. I think at the moment I'm certainly going to stick with the methotrexate, especially as it took me so long to get the pred down enough to give it a go. The headaches are a pain - literally - but not too awful that it's making me think again about taking the meds. I'll see how they go for now.

    Thanks again.



  • Hi Becky

    I only get the occassional headache but nothing more than what I had before I started methotreaxte but I'm not on folic acid. I must say that since I've been on it have now started to get pred down to alternative days starting this week and everyone has said how much better i have been since been on it the onle thing i get is occassionally feeeling a bit sick a day or so after taking it but not every time.


  • Just a thought Becky, did they discuss fertility issues with you before staring methotrexate and your options? my gynae doc said its effects they ovaries damaging 40 to 60% off them and therefore are entitled to freeze eggs if so wanted like prior to chemo? dont know if same in your area? unfort wasnt for me as mine were knackered from other probs but made my decission to start it and other like it easier?

    Andrea xxx

  • my consultant as mentioned 2 me abt tryin methotrexate as ive tried most therapies,would u say its a gud medication 2 take dispite the side effects???

  • Andrea, sorry for the delay in responding to your helpful advice. My cons didn't say that methotrexate can reduce fertility, but he said that getting pregnant whilst on it is a definite no as the med can cause severe disability to the developing foetus. He also said that pregnancy has to be avoided for at least 3 months after taking methotrexate for the same reason, but, as I say, didn't say that it can effect fertility. Having taken a few doses now I guess it's a bit late for me to think about freezing my eggs, but thanks for the info - very helpful.

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