Steroid Cards

A colleague recently attended a respiratory training session and was told that anyone using Seretide 250 Evohaler (or 500 Accuhaler) should carry a steroid card. I have never issued any of my asthma patients with a card and wonder if someone can clarify in what situation you should?

I'm confused about the actual definition of ""high dose steroid""- and does it ever apply to inhaled cortico-steroids?


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  • The BTS Guidelines do state for children on doses of 800mcg BDP or equiv, and higher that a steroid card should be issued, but not seen it for adults.

  • You only need steriod cards if you are on prednisolone. ie for a week or 5 days or longer

  • I think it depends on the pharamacy used. I have a steriod card for my sertide.

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